General Thread - Build Help


Make sure to pack many energys with that thing.


About that

I have none on him


No mods on him?
Lmao that’s worse.


Drainer’s dinner XD
Really, put some energy on that man…


Unless this build is not supposed to go against energy (basically an anti-Phys and anti-Heat)


I know man, don’t ruin my joke please :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Been thinking of put one emp on this guy, but idk if its worth…Any advice for change or its good as it is?


Zak here needs help, i’m having problems with distant enemies, so i was thinking of putting one NE and the hook back on him, but i don’t have enough weight for that… what can i do? btw, any oadvice for this guy, too?


Drop engine and take cooler, after you can drop nf and take ne, maybe drop savior res and take heat/phys res? (More res and lesser in weight)


Maximum Prot is actually offering more resistance than epic single module…
Unless he has premium Prot, I would advise to keep it…

Edit: Didn’t noticed it was an epic on the 2nd mech, forget my advise on this case ^^


I need to find this thing… This game really hates me on giving cooling modules :sob:
Btw, i need to max those guns, they are dealing low damage on legy… but i need to finish my energy first XD


Thats what i thought, i need another max protector :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


They still deal more damage than lvl 1 legendary…(I just boosted my NF on my secondary mech from lvl 1 to max, and well…you see the difference :joy_cat:)


Yeah like Mercy lvl1 to lvl 40… i know XD


You lucky skrubs

The reason you’re all better than me is because you have better items


Ah sure, i just have rolling beasts and mercy… big difference XD
Oh, i was forgetting the max protector on naga XD


Show your build, I dare you
(and tell me your rank)


That Mercy is worth more than your whole mech


Yeah good damage, but heavy as fuk…


Who cares if it’s heavy it does more damage than my backbreaker and uses no nrg