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If you do first…

… My Energy welcomes you :slight_smile:

Because it’s the literally same modules setup it has.


emp gets u thru the rank 5 phys hell from my own experience

its also great to use against the 560cap energy mechs

it just wont get u to the rank 1s without a supporting cast of other premiums tho




Hello all,
This is the first time I’m actually using this thread for it’s intended purpose despite being here for a while now.
I’m about to start building up the mech below and was conflicted between adding an EMP, adding a Malice or adding another Grim Cobra, which would be better?

  • EMP
  • Malice
  • Grim Cobra

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Or maybe legy the bruty?


Oh, I was thinking of keeping it at lvl 1 Epic actually… XD




You didn’t even bother to answer the poll XD


Just myth the troso.


Again, I will get to it. I find it confusing that you are expending effort on explaining something so friggin’ obvious. How about you just answer the poll? (which would have only taken you a fraction of the time compared to how much time you spent on writing about mything the torso.)


Oh i though you said about mything lmfao.
My bad.


Thank you kindly! :+1:


Any other opinions to the poll?


I have a build idea.
Do you think a dual Nightfall and Dual Mighty Cannon build would work?

Obviously not against energies since all weapons in this build cost energy.
But it could serve well against far range heaters.


i think it would be only a counter rocket kings, and mighty cannon doesn’t deal res drain, could do cooling/ regen at least, but doesn’t either.
added a backstabber for u, not sure if it’s good tho.


MC doesn’t have Cooling/Regen damage, but is lighter then its elemental counterpart with saied damages ^^
And considering direct damage, it’s a spreadier NF…

I still don’t decide myself if a Dual MC or a MC+NE would be better…

Keep the utilities, but the Hook is, to me, a bit unnecessary since this build don’t have decent range one weapon…Added a War Hammer for the Knockback and then we can talk :smiley_cat:


I don’t think this build needs any utilities at all.
Considering it covers many ranges except range 1. A drone is still useful though.


Maybe the charge or the TP when you want to use the NFs against recalcitrant mechs who keep you away :smiley_cat:


Suck my mech


@Kitsune998 how did I run into you while I was smurfing wtf