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Well, I can armor annihilator put in this build as I would have 20 spare weight



You’re wasting modules.
Instead of giving it many angines to compensate for the average
core heat stats,just use a heat torso.Like that,you’ll have more room for Iron Plates instead of more engines;you’ll compensate with less engines since heat torsos have better heat core stats and instead add it some health,which it really needs!
That,or just made an anti-energy & phys mech.
Plus,2 NE is an odd combo.
Give it another NF instead.

So no,I think it wouldn’t do like that.


You could, but use is pretty limited here…

It only works with HP monsters…
The mechs with so much HP that you can’t kill them (or be killed if you’re one) with less than 10 turns…^^


I don’t have any other torso than it except brutality at epic, and I want to use exactly this torso because I have no other use for it…


Then myth Brutality and use it!
It’s a lot better than making a heat/phys counter using an electric torso.
You have many stats in minus.
So,as I said,either use a heat torso for this anti-phys&heat using such a module setup or made a phys/energy counter.


Ok, and for phys/energy counter I have mine energy mech


Ok, something like this? (I put away armor annihilator)


Now we’re talking!
It will do.Way better than the other one.

However,if you ever get a Zarkares,put 2 engines and 2 boosters so you can fit it.
And,if not,leave it like it is.It’s pretty good.


Ok, now just to get Back Breaker 2nd Night Fall and Night Eagle…


@L4K3 I’d pick the naga build above - just switch a LW for a Viking hammer (they both weigh 63).


No, it’s bad idea, LW is needed to push enemy at range 3, by Mything and maxing LW I understood that it’s far more useful than hammer


Dual last words is not as good as the hammer, the hammer can do 500 damage and if you’re against a energy counter phys mech high hp with high capacity and regeneration, you’ll run out of last words uses, especially dual anni with dual NE.

Forgot to mention, people who pull you and get you 1 on 1 range, hammer + last words the enemy won’t be able to just jump up to you and use anni or mercy.


Nevermind, I haven’t noticed this build have 2 LW


Sorry,but I’ll ask again to make sure.
I really can’t decide…

The first one has more regen and it’d be good against longer lasting fights against electrics.
The second one has less regen but a lot more energy.

Actually,both builds have enough energy to do their jobs as counters,the first one will easily surpass 800 when maxed,too.

But,you see,I’m a little skeptic about letting go of the EMP.When I was playing with my Sith build a while back,it saved me many times,but it also killed me just as many times…Still,it’s a fun weapon,and it can drain phys before they get to do critical damage to me (this isn’t the case with the Dual LW build since it has much less initial drain power,so it will be much more vulnerable against phys).I might add a Viking Hammer instead of a second LW since they weight the same and it would help at range one and push into my other combos.

Well,honestly,I’d like some help from an experienced person.

I’ll make a poll and activate ‘‘show who voted’’ option to see who actually chooses an option,to make sure the guy isn’t just trolling or inexperienced as an electric.

So,please,make your choice!
Thank you!

  • First build.Keep the EMP.
  • Second build.Dual Last Words/LW+VH.

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And yes,it has to be 1000/1000 because of my severe case of OCD combined with a perfectionist’s personality.


EMP is OP and you have lot’s of Energy capacity.
First one of course.


As I said,I’m concerned against phys with the first one.
It will be a lot more efficient against most phys builds than the other one.
Well,I may run outta uses and all…Pff,both builds have their advantages and disadvantages.
If you were to ask me,I think the first one comes with less disadvantages,but I may be proved wrong by someone who knows their shit.


Slso,one more question.
Do I leave the paint blue,like that,or make it fully black or another color?


When it come to paint, my reply is Black FTW :joy_cat:
(Or Mystic Mayhem, if you want a LGBT mech instead of a Widow_in_mourning mech :joy_cat:)

Edit: you already know my PoV on the 2 builds, but at least the stats are higher :smiley_cat:


Blue is good; the new paints are incredibly good looking if you wanna save up for a while. As for my choice of build, I’d go for #2 with VH because I’d go with the insane knockback and damage the hammer gives you, rather than an EMP which won’t do a thing to all those 800-cap phys running around in top ranks. But I’m not an energy main, so keep that in mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: