General Thread - Build Help


I’ve already explained yesterday to Yoyo that I’m girl :wink: But that’s no problem, but it will take a loooot of time to make such mech :smile:

With maxed arena stats its truly incredible


Yes,this is great!
It will do for rank 3-4 as a counter-phys and counter-energy (since it has such regen).


some of those stats are straight up wrong tho

edit : oh wait nvm


Which of these heat bois would do better against energy once maxed? This one:

or this one:


I have to say that frist one is pretty good.


Hands down,first build.


@The_Yo_Yo_Man @L4K3 thanks guys!


i’ve been doing some maths with the new mech simulator and the best build against phy would be with zark, but if i’d want to dominate energy and heat i’d change the set up with a windigo (which i used to have) or naga if i want like around 700 energy cap and 350+ regen but low hp and heat
so maybe i’ll stay with the zark build for now and later do either the windigo or naga


first one, since only the supreme would need energy, plus it has 2 energy engines so… yeah


Is this build even great?
Just imagine if everything is myth


it’s built for close-mid range combat, lot’s of heating and dmg… looks good, and the hp and heat are great, the energy is ok
is it meant to fight all 3 elements?


@HunterKnight please check the pic again.


you changed the position of the abomination and heat bomb… so?
still a great build tho


No,check the mech summary.


yeah i checked it
:stuck_out_tongue: ?


That’s it?
The same opinion?


yeah, great for close-mid range combat, good heat, hp is ok, and energy good enought to survive some turns once maxed


@cyanine is better have two malices or two hysterias? i have a OCD with symmetry and wanted your honest opinion… btw i have viking, last words, ultrabright and emp… and i’m a drainer as you know XD


I think dual malice is better


Cause of more damage? i wanted hysteria for more range, cause i’m lacking on that, and use LW and viking for short-middle range…