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Her* :wink: And if I’m not mistaken there’s one energy sword that goes to myth, it would also fit, I just want to have melee weapon as I have long distance weps (LS and VS) middle distance (Malice Ultrabright) close but not melee (EMP) so I lack or LW or melee weapon


I didn’t know that you’re a ‘‘her’’,apologies.

And again,it will be perfect.


@HunterKnight if i could i would give you one hammer, since i have 2 :frowning:


@The_Yo_Yo_Man - Challange accepted!

This is an insane build.

For example,I’ll ditch the Hysteria once I get an EMP;that will be 100/1000 kgs)

You can replace the SeraphBlade with Viking Hammer,however you might not need it as you’re using Rolling Beasts for extra movement (instead of extra push).
You can use a weapon setup like:

  • EMP
  • Valiant Sniper
  • Malice Beam or UltraBright (not both;just one is enough)
  • Last Words (the LW is a must once you obtain it.It creates more combos for you,pushes your opponent away and that’s useful in two ways:breaking opponent’s short-range combos and also places you in range of your other combos.
  • Lightning Scope (although you won’t use it regularly;that’s more of an occasional build).

Since you use Rolling Beasts,you won’t need full utilities.Only the drone and a teleport (because you can’t jump over your opponent to go to the other side of the map;also lets you use the LS occasionally)

Grim Reaper is a pretty used torso for electricians,but I’d reccomend either Zarkares or Naga (since Grim has the lowest health and low heat/cooling that could be better compensated with another module than using another torso).

That’s a lucky find.Even so,I would reccomend you not to use it on your electric build.Keep that away for a future physical build.

As for strategy,the weapon setup I listed above gives you this many combos:

  • LW+EMP/Malice or UltraBright/Valiant
  • EMP+Malice or Ultrabright/Valiant
  • Malice or UltraBright+Valiant

Occasional combo:

  • Teleport+LS

If your opponent is at range 1 (example,after he uses a grappling hook),you can simply move back 3 spaces (using Rolling Beasts) and shoot your Valiant.
This build would be very effective,especially against phys (that are the most common builds atm).

If you encounter weight problems,ask for more help here,on the forum.
One tip:Never give up on modules if you’re using an electric mech.Give up on weapons (if you must,but I highly doubt it).

Good luck on your build,friend!


Thank you, all your strategies you mentioned I’m already using, I’m, thinking if should I use 2nd Malice for now instead of Ultrabright because it have higher energy dmg, for now I will stick with this build but when I’ll get better items I will think more about it


Such an experiancy long and usefull words Lake.
Maybe you’re an great energy pilot.


Thank you,but no.
I only started re-using my old electric recently,but I fought enough electricians as both a phys with no energy and a counter,that I can tell a couple things :slight_smile:


Eh.But those long advice are greatfull.

I’m still planing something on him except mods.
Yes i will max all of items on this mech but no not mods,later.


Naga means you’d have A LOT more Energy going on, but less HP and Heat stats.


I’ve made my dream build and it seems quite nice, removed hook and changed seraph for LW, what do you think? Would it work?

At the beginning I wanted counter heat energy mech but now I think pure energy will be best


Yes,this will work.

But,you see,if I were you,I’d give up on a weapon for extra hp.


Mate if i missed the novels of yours…


Then I will put away Ultrabright


Holy crap… That’s something I can’t even drain with regular f2p weapons :no_mouth:


Welp, now I changed something and it looks really nice


That energy is overkill

As the great @Transcendant once said, you only need about 750 energy and you’ll do fine

I recommend you do as L4K3 and remove a weapon (yes, ultrabright) and also get rid of that Storage unit.

Fill in the remaing kgs with hp plates and you good


Still Undrainable for me :sweat_smile:

Also good job! Those are some nice numbers!


I’ve already done it, look up


Yeah, I was writing when you posted that lol


At least no one can drain it :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s fine throughout Arena with that Energy stats… Except he has low HP.