General Thread - Build Help


Hmm, is it worth put cooling or more regen on the energy one? for the phys i need bettr modules, but soon as i finish max the weapons on the energy and get some hysterias, which i have gotten not even one anymore, then it will be complete… after that just with premium itens like VS, which will make the energy one a good mortal buddy :slight_smile:


anyone know how to make a good build with lightning scope in it?
torso is zark and legs can be any energy ones except the rollers


ok can someone help me
what are some good builds with lightning scope?


Disclaimer: never played energy above rank 10.

I’d guess something using long range weaponry like valiant, perhaps hysteria; knockback weapons like Bunker, LW, Viking (in order of preferability for this role); and tracks (either kind). Couldn’t give you a specific build but I feel that those pointers could/should help.


i’ll see what i can come up with


how’s this build? mainly for pushing people into lighting scope, meant for energy mechs, not heat, maybe phy if i get the claw and the viking hammer
it does a lot of regen drain so i think recovering from the lightning scope wont be easy, once it runs out of it it can use valiant and malice beam
utilities are teleport, charge and faceshocker as drone


Change those storage units to two energy and one heat engine and I’d say it’s pretty strong against phys and electrics, and survivable against heat. 9/10


now i wish i had 2 more energy engines and at least one heat engine…

man being a heater really is hard without heat engines


That’s the exact same thing I have, except with 55kg Hysteria and Naga.

Also, remove Charge, you do not need it.

Mods :

1-2 Plates,
3-5 Energy Engines
1 Regen Booster

Then add anything else you want.


you say you have naga… i may use one… can you show me yours?
also i keep the charge cause if the enemy is almost at range 8 i want to be able to push him and then in my next 2 turns use lightning scope but maybe i could fit a buch better torso if i remove the charge, what do you think?


I will post my LS build, I’m still working to get Last Words but for now it looks like that, and I need some energy modules…


It silll looks great!
If in any chance you got last words,replace the sword with it.
And keep finding mods!


Yeah, I will put away sword, but to be hones I would rather want Viking Hammer, it would really fit my mech


I have no idea if it would fit.
It has 63 kg’s in it.


It will fit.
Sarpah has more kg’s than viking hammer.
Soo i guess you’ll need that thing.


I will have to put lighter drone to use it because with Face Shocker it will be 2kg to heavy


Seraph weights 49


My mistake.
The vikking has more kg than that blade.

I guess you’ll only need sparked runners,in my opinion


SeraphBlade has 49 kgs and Viking Hammer has 63…


Yeah,just noticed that.

Any advice for him?
@L4K3 ?