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But LS is more and more useless as higher rank players are avoiding it or have one by themselves, and Spinefall have regen dmg so with VS it could be nice combo, and I’m mostly not using drone so you know…


You will be regretting that post once you reach Ranks 5-1 y’know?


Force the people, also LS and FS and Falcon are also not used that much too.

But for me, I just force the people to go IN that range, just know what the heck their weapons are and if they still have Special Items with uses.


I know I will be regretting it, but now I’ve lost 10 battles in a row because I was facing:
A) Physicals with Annihilation
B) Boilers with Heat Bomb
C) Energies with higher energy and regen than I could drain, so form rank 10 I’m almost in rank 13


Just like this you see.

(It dealt 1045 damage, holy cow)


But I don’t have LW so only push weapon, but I decided to make a compromise, I have now Spinefall and drone because I removed mass booster and heat storage, now I have lower cooling and heat but I started winning again


And you have legs and I have tracks so I cannot jump over enemy


In the Ranks 5-1, you barely even need to jump over your enemy.




Yeah, but I was max at rank 10 and almost rank 9 when I’ve got kicked back to rank 12, I still need legends to upgrade my torso and tracks so I’ll have more HP… But with such drop rates it won’t be soon


Which one would look better?


Devouring paws fits the brutality so well. Although those new legs look all right.



  • Viking Hammer
  • Stormweaver

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Does this rocket boi have any potential?


yes it does… a bit
first i’d say only keep one energy engine and change the other one for a heat one since your going to need a lot of heat cap to deal with the top right weapon (max mythed one idk the name of)
other than that i think you have a lot of potential against heats and phy

lmao i saw wrong


I already have only 1 energy engine, 3 heat engines, and 1 cooling booster. The top weapon is desert snake.


ok lemme redo this poll given the following criteria:

range 2 weakness, which melee should i pick?

  • Viking Hammer
  • Stormweaver

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What are the best pieces to make a heat mech? I have heat bomb, desolation, savagery, supreme cannon, one CL, dawnblaze, have zarkares, have dynamite boots and also devoring paws…Oh, i also have flaminator…
Edit: this build is to pass the raids, cant pass it with my energy guy…


VIKING HAMMER (63) 1 Range 211-354 ElDmg 114 EnDmg -17 Regen 3 Push (50/13 Cost)
STORMWEAVER(L)(56) 1 Range 244-319 ElDmg 114 EnDmg -32 MaxEn 1 Push (50/13 Cost)

If you’re looking to destroy cap, go SW, if regen VH, as i have two VH, i use it cause the knockback is so much it put them in range of my MBs…


yeah i think viking hammer is more viable too. i just had a sw to cover the range 1 void and it synergized well with range 2 weapons