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I see some good mechs in arena. if you replace it the flaw is your bad against push mechs but the good thing is its super useful against the classic phs mech

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is it ok to make rock recoiler and night eagle myth?


yes it 100% is

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It’s insanely satisfying to use rock recoil and then dark eagle.
trust me.


Double shotgun is the best thing ever :wink:

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That’s up to you, it just doesn’t work as much as dual nightfall with rock recoiler (and a night eagle)
I guess that reckless beam works well for your rank, so yeah go for it

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I don’t think it would replace a nightfall because it only stays in range at range 2, all others go 5+. It would work with any range 3-6 weapon, but I personally wouldn’t use it.

Also hi from the clan, didn’t know you were on forum.


Terrible drain, low hp and energy. You don’t need that much heat for an energy mech, swap a heat engine for an energy one. Also a claw would help if you don’t have a better torso.

Do not use a second nightfall, as much as I hate to promote frantics, use the frantic 100%

I have disabled my base, what should I focus on now?

you have added 1 more frantic gay to the arena


I know I’m not proud of it :confused:


Farming for Gold and Fortune Boxes, I guess :man_shrugging:

how tho ik how to farm for gold (OD6 on hard) but i dont know how to farm fortune boxes. should I mass buy silver boxes or no? (sounds dumb to me)

You can get an occassionally Fortune Box if you farm Boss Missions (e.g. OD6). And I would buy silver boxes, since you can use the items to upgrade the things you have and they sometimes provide epic items, too.

OD6 isn’t boss mission tho it’s 2 before final boss :confused:

Ah, sorry. Fortune Boxes only drop in boss missions, as far as I know.

Yea also did you know that somedrop more than others? heres the link:

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I think it’s a little UNFAIR for the Small Guy

That’s a DIVINE Corrupt Light btw


diivine is black
exposed lol