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Because of the push?


Because range overlap is never needed. Deso would give you more protection against energies, range 7-8 along with the 4-6, and it would not hurt you at all in lower ranges.


Indeed,you have a point.
But you know what’s sad?
I used my Desolation for legendary fuel around one hour ago…
This is it now.


oh noes

well it still looks fine




Btw you dont need dynamite boots. You have the hammer. Go for a better leg alternative.


I know,but they look better.
Plus,I have nothing to do with the spare weight.


Iron boots provide more hp


Yeah,but Dinamite Boots look better!


Luckily,I just got another Desolation!
How about this build plus a Terror Cry?
I think it’d do more damage than the other one.


Is this enough for a heater?

Without arena shop bonus:
With arena shop bonus:


This build is great!
Dynamite boots are probably needed when you’re fighting against energy


Very good! Im assuming this would not be counter energy.


But still,are the stats enough?I wonder how it’d perform against other heaters.


Stats are very nice, actually. Just saying, using iron boost would wield even better stats


your build seems more like a damage heater, cause a boiler would focus on… heating
most of your weapons are dmg based
it looks like a good build but it lacks range 2 protection
maybe a rocket king build would be good to start with, but since i doubt you have abomination maybe use terror cry instead and maybe keep the hammer
like the set would be
supreme cannon
terror cry
flaming hammer

unless you really want to really be boiler then i’d say maybe a simpler build like
Vandal rage
HB/2nd CL
terror cry

yeah heaters lack range 2 epic tier weapons


Alright, here’s a poll. Which of these mechs would be better as a phys/energy counter?

(All have clash, teleport and hook equipped.)

Explanations of votes are appreciated.

  • Mech #1
  • Mech #2
  • Mech #3

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Edit: noticed and fixed the dumb mistake that was mech #1. Feel free to recast your vote if you wish. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok I have now dilemma, should I still be using Lightning Scope and drone (actually face shocker on epic) or instead of it go without drone but use Spinefall?


What makes you think this is a good idea? N O :neutral_face:

Actually, Spinefall is still strong but much more costs and heavier, also isn’t that much practical.