General Thread - Build Help


Correct me if i’m wrong,but are those mods look okay to you?


Bring that claw to myth please

Bring all modules to max legendary, and if you want, you can rearrange things to put another plating in…

Edit: I would actually recommend 3 heat engines, and 1 booster instead, so consider changing your utilities


i’d say change one heat mod for an energy since zark can take care of heat mechs easily
just that
other than that your mods look fine, you just need to myth the claw and everything else


Mything claw won’t do anything except getting more hp’s. Maybe i will once i finish mything my drone.

And mods will be maxed as i say.


Hi guys!
I’d like you to give me some tips for a heater.
As a physical main,I don’t have that much experience with boilers,especially F2P.
Thank you!
Here’s the build for now:


I know I’ve asked for help before,but I really want to make a heater and I feel like I can’t make it good enough on my own.


Does that have CL and FH as Side Weapons? If yes, kinda weak in the Range 2.

If possible, follow this simple “Hybrid” build :

Torso : Brutality or Zarkares
Legs : Devouring Paws
Side Weapons : Heat Bomb, Terror Cry
Top Weapons : Desolation, Supreme Cannon
Drone : Clash or Nemo or MurMur
Specials : Teleport and Hook
Modules : there’s 4 types that I thought of

1st, Pure Heat : 2-3 Plates, 3-4 Heat Engines, (only use if 3 HE only) 1 Cooling Booster

2nd, Counter Energy : 2-3 Plates, 1 Heat Engine, 3-5 Energy Engines. (optional) If 3 Energines only, get Regen Booster

3rd, Counter Physical : 3-5 Plates, 1-3 Heat Engines. (optional) 1 Physical Resistance Module

4th, Rounded : 2 Plates, 2-3 Heat Engines, 3-4 Energy Engines


Should I transformiert iron boots or platinium planting to mythical?


Platinum plating… The fact that you have that is extremely lucky- it is the most sought after item in the game- never ever get rid of it


true f2p boilers dont exist

mainly because of the lack of range 2 damage synergy weapons


Yep,I know…
But still,I came up with a build:

I need a Terror Cry and a DawnBlaze for the other side weapons.


sounds like a plan :ok_hand:


Solid build there, aside from energies (but I assume that’s intentional). I’d switch legs to scorching feet, that’ll give you same hp for 16 less weight to use on mods or utilities. I’m guessing you have clash, hook and teleport; you can drop charge if you have it, it’s really not necessary. You might even be able to fit Zark!


Like this!

One kg short of fitting two boosters… oh well.


As you predicted,my utilities are:Clash,Hook and Teleport Module.
It will go against other heaters and physicals.
I would drop the legs,but I wouldn’t equip anything else anyways so I’ll leave those (because they look gorgeous).
Also,I know Zarkares is better,btu I always wanted a Brutality (aka God Mode) mech :slight_smile:


I can fit 3 engines and 2 boosters on the mech;just made the maths.


Fair enough, it’s a good build either way. I understand going for a non-Zark torso, it’s just so good…


So this should do,right?


Mine has 100 more hp and maybe 100 more heat cap, and yours has 60 more cooling. It’s a toss up really, I think it’d do well.


If you use dawnblaze, equip desolation instead of supreme cannon.