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The two main Physical mechs, Trying for a Balanced and a Anti energy


I need some help with this build.Should I remove the heat engine and only buff its energy?
Any other suggestions,maybe?

Available weapons:

  • Malice Beam (myth)
  • Hysteria (myth)


Is that a pure energy mech?

I mean that is it only going to fight Energies? Or anything else


Electrics and physicals.


Build update!
Please tell me what do you think.


That’s better, but what are the specials?



So this is going to do?


Build 1, Anti-Annihilation Physicals

Modules : 2 Iron Plates, 5 Energy Engines, Physical Resistance

Build 2, Giga Energy

same specials

Falcon is just for “Insta-Kill”, just incase they go out of range or they ARE in range, Flaming Scope is not needed.

Build 3, The “Death to All Physicals”


same specials

If you don’t have Lightning Scope, Falcon will work just as fine, same with Rolling Beasts if no Claw.

Build 4, The Semi-Energy and Physical Counter


same specials


Are you sure the Anti-Annihilation will do with a Hysteria instead of Malice?
There might be a range gap.
Let me test real quick.


Thank you for the suggestions,mate!


I don’t know actually, but they’re literally the same so, test them.


Now after writing, making, and posting those, I’m now wondering how I didn’t even use them in Arena because, they’re actually functional…


Didn’t saw that you’re building energy mech Lake.Had enough with phys eh?


Nope, he built this ages ago, even before the 3 Physicals.




Well, that’s because i am anti energy too, and anti heat, not anti phys… i cant counter all the 3 types…


Why instead of EMP dont you put a hysteria there? the hysteria is unlimited…


Yeah,but EMP can fully drain in one turn (or even one shot!).


Prefer unlimited uses over very much drain in one turn, at most cases…