General Thread - Build Help


Could be great if i had one.
I’m speaking to L-M one.


Take this from me:
I ran a heat build focused on heat damage for quite some time: It worked great at first. But it soon become evident that it is not strong enough to face higher level mechs. Get a start and switch now, so you dont end up like me, scrambling to fix my build at rank 7.


I shall try once i’m done with my second mech.
Really helpful advice yeet.


Soo… I suck at making barely decent builds, Any useful advice or tips from anyone or @lordgorgon?

Also, @cyanine Any ideas for my Soon to be Energy mech?

This has no modules so yeah, Just bare bones


I’m gonna say that you should myth your mods at your first mech IF you mythed all your ulitys, Now why would you use desolation at your second mech? Remove that thing.


So What? I should Myth another Night Eagle then Replace Deso? Sounds good, Doesn’t work, Not enough time but enough stuff


You should do it yes?

Being hybird is sht tbf.


Yeah but look at those heat weapons cause…image


Mickey mouse!Old one is better
Okay then,but pls hurry up.


Why? Can’t stand a Anti Energy Hybrid?



Lol i don’t use energy.


Did I also say that both are anti Heat?


Fuq my life right now.

Kidding.Just find some good phys top wepon


You need to state what are the builds targeting for me to try and advice.
Rounded? Counter something?


My new “Lord Gorgon” build is doing nicely, just has Reckoning.

Now for it, can I turn it into Anti-Heats?


Hi mate.
Nice to see it goes well.
I really dont advice to use mercy on an anti heat or anti phys build. This thing is heavy as fak and is usefull on builds that are facing elecs. For almost the same weight you can fit in 1 seraph and 1 backbreaker.
The classic mercy+nf+spartan we see everywhere is ok vs elecs and for roundeds. Doesnt make much sense on phys and/or heat counters.
If you want build advices, dont hezitate to pm, id try my best to help.
You could turn one of your elecs into a troll anti heat build and this phys into an anti elec for example. Thatd be taking the best out of mercy/reckoning


I need some help, i got two viking hammers, was thinking of using one on this guy, in the place of one last words… any advices? and yes, i am in search of a hysteria to put on him in the place of one malice… any other suggestion so he can get almost, if not all ranges since 1 till 8?


Get :

Lightning Supporters
Thor Hammer
Last Words
2 Hysterias
Face Shocker


Just lacking hysterias, the rest i already have :confused:


Why do most energy builds always have such low hp? I don’t understand.

It makes me very uncomfortable on how people are okay with this.