General Thread - Build Help


That’s good. It’s actually lovely

Just upgrade your modules and THEN look for changes

Love it!


Thank you Winz!
However,i’m not ready for mods yet.I will set them once i’m done with my claw mech.


you post way too frequently here, but mkay.


What’s the point? Lmao.

Anyways…just give me some advice.

@WinzKay forgot one thing,once i myth energy mods,i might will put Swoop and charger.


As you say it- Kek.
actually, it is gonna be awesome against both heat and energy when maxed, but the downfall is the low Hp…
play it, see how it goes.
that is my advice.


Very true,i despise my hp.
Once i get those myth plats,i will put on them.

I will see how it goes when i myth my mods.




Lol how did you know?


Even though I know what I’m doing with my mechs and in the game, I just wanted to know what ya’ll would say about them.

Probably “Too Low HP for first mech” if I’m correct :joy::ok_hand:

First mech, Main Energy.


  • A simple drainer.
  • Can handle hits from Valiants well
  • Can handle some Physicals
  • Can handle a few Heats, but not if they have Sorrow or Heat Bomb
  • A pure f2p build if you remove Windforge, Ad. Tele, Shock Hook and Lightning Scope

Special Items : Advanced Teleport, Shocking Grappling Hook, Windforge

Second mech, a Counter Hybrid.


  • CANNOT handle other Energies
  • Takes on Heat Bomb mechs / Boilers like a boss
  • Takes on any kind of Physicals in its path, except ones that have too high HP, Energy or 2 Annihilations

Note : Will replace modules if I ever find an Energy Engine :sob:

Special Items : Basic Teleport, Iron Grappling Hook, Snack



You didn’t tell me information about him.


solid builds mate…1.k hp is good for energy mech(in your ranks at least)

now go farm that portal like i am




My gold digger


How many more times? Nine million? :joy::joy::ok_hand:

I have already told you like 2-3 Times that it has/is :

  • Good(?) HP
  • Decent Energy and Regen
  • Good Heat(?) and Decent Cooling
  • Amazing Weapons


Explain that one more time lmao.
I swear that i won’t ask you that.


Are you going to remember that hp thing forever? :grinning:


I don’t, but I hope to get one soon with my luck. :wink:


Since you have abomination on there I recommend replacing Supreme cannon with a desolation.
IF you want to get even more damage replace Corrupt light with a dawnblaze.

Modules are good. Just myth everything.


Desolation for not using energy,i get it.
Dawnblaze isn’t something for me,i didn’t mythed it and heat damage is better in my opinion.
Mods will be mythed as i finish my claw mech.

Thank you for advice mate.


My advice would be to replace the regen booster with a third energy engine.