General Thread - Build Help


I might start on that, but I really want to wait for mercy or spartan. Also like cyanine said, my heats are already upgraded, so I will think about both


well just saying
phy could have the most advantage
and bringing 3 different elements on the battle could be good sometimes… while the heat one could help keep the heat combo alive

man you have a lot of heat engines… while i have 0


I have 4 Heat Engines and 5 Energy Engines, I need 1 Heat Engine and 5 Energy Engines more :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It seems that a lot of players either have lots of heat engines and little energy, or the other way around. Cyanine’s energy mech makes me jealous from the fact that he has 700 energy and 300 regen :hushed:


This Energy is actually enough to reach Rank 1, I only lack the items to do so like Valiants.


seeing one heat engine make me jealous
cause i have none


Yeah, that’s what I realized


I just feel bad that you don’t have any heat engines. And really surprised that drops could be that bad.


Anyways, I wish the best of luck for your Engine needs, I bless you to get 10 Engines in the future :slightly_smiling_face::joy:


and i have like 7 energy engines and 2 regen boosters
1 cooling booster and no heat engines…


just sometimes

it sucks to be a heat mech


I guess that’s another advantage to physicals; they don’t need engines as much as heat and energy.


I have 4 energy and 5 heat engines, 2 mass booster for each.


Wow, you’re lucky, you have some of both


Also, I am wondering if I should max my last words, or would a bunkershell fit the role better?


Do you have a bunker?


Either way, max a Last Words as it’s bloody helpful in my experience as a f2p


bunker is good if u have at least 2


I say, if you have 3, then it’s good. Otherwise only use 1. The reason for that is if you attach 2, you will barely have any space for any other weapons which limits you and you won’t be able to finish the player off.


One question is double UB or double malice which one is better

Also I need help with this mech I just want to know if it good


So as far as i know that i finished my frist mech.

But i need some information about it.
If it is good enough or not.
Let me hear it.