General Thread - Build Help


I’ve had a mythical terror cry with no use for a few months now, and i’ve been considering this…


You have great items- you just need to do the right things.
For your modules, replace two of the energy regen boosters with heat engines- these are essential for a heat build. You dont have any right now, but you will get some eventually.

While you look for these items, bring your Windigo to myth. Start bringing some of those modules to legendary as well- and work on maxing out the mech.
For your modules and torso- focus, farm, and you will have things mythed in no time.

As for your weapons set up, magma blasts+desolation is great against all types, really. If you could get a second desolation, you could have a dual magma blast+dual deso, which is very good. Since these weapons are energy free, you could also free up space for more heat modules and iron platings.

@Yeet Can help you more with the weapons

To sum it up, try and get some heat engines, myth that windigo, and replace the regen boosters with heat engines.
Max it, and you will be golden.

Edit- Just to let you know, dual magma+dual deso is a build that can take people to the top ranks…


well he could use the rolling beast if he’s going to do the dual magma+ dual deso but that’s only if he really needs it


I have heat engines, i’m using for my main mech (avenger torso until zarkares is myth) so i will eventually use them on this mech. I will indeed try and get another deso, thanks @dankmementos and @HunterKnight!


i have an idea
make 2 mechs
both heat
1 has dual magma + dual deso
the other one had terrorblade+dawnbalze+terror cry+ maybe supreme cannon

do whatever works for you best


Okay. First thing: Get rid of the vanda. Then get rid of change.
Now, you should always have 2 hp plates at least.

Then, I reccomend 2 heat engines, 1 cooling booster, and 3 energy engines.
Change drone to clash.

You can interchange the blade with a hammer, depending on your needs.


Why clash?
I reccomend nemo for him.


i think clash would be good cause none of his weapons are really made to overheat


But those magma blast do.



I could use some help on my mods

I am currently using my heat mech against heat and physicals, and my energy mech against energy, and physicals when I need to. I only have two energy engines, so I am thinking of maybe putting some energy on my heat mech once I get some. Also, the hp on my energy mech is kind of low for rank 4-5, but I’m not sure what I can do about that.
I am not sure what the ideal mod system is for my mechs. Help would be appreciated.


It sounds like that energy is an energy that will not be facing heats. Get rid of the heat engine and cooling booster, replace with energy counterparts.


I will probably do that when I get more energy engines.
I have the heat mods on there for when I face people with two heat mechs, so I can at least survive a little bit and hope to energy break them.


Thats why you want to eventually make 3 mechs.


well you should just keep everything in your heat mech the same, just myth it

but for your energy mech you should change all the engines to energy engines since it’s only made to face phy and energy
so once you get more energy engines change the heat engine and cooling booster for the energy counterparts

also what’s your 3rd mech
maybe it could be a phy that’s made to face both energy and heat


I plan to make my third mech a physical or another heat.

Except I barely have enough mods for two mechs, let alone three :tired_face:


What? That’s some HP even higher than mine.

First things first, Low Energy Capacity.
Okay Regen.
Low Heat Capacity.
Okay Cooling
Good HP for an Energy mech.

Overall, a nice setup, but if you have a Charge Engine, remove that.

Also yeah you have more HP than mine :joy:



Make 4 mechs lol you have the weapons.


Yeah, my lack of energy engines hurts


i’d recommend the phy one
equip 1 anni, 1 nightfall and one night eagle
rolling beasts
3 iron plates
3 energy engines and 2 heat engines
this should give you
2022 hp
490 heat cap
169 cooling
460 energy cap
190 regen

the weight without utilities would be 901


Another Heat probably, you already maxed them.

Modules :

2 heat Engines
1 Heat Storage Unti (The L-M one)
2-3 Plates
Eveyrthing else is Energy Engines that might be 1-2 only.