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I have epic drone which it’s final form is epic, I don’t have any other energy drone right now, and Ultrabright is awesome IMHO, I have this and Valiant from the beginning so I want to myth it


Hmm… I would go for those last at the moment…


Idea on what to build based around what you have :
(Imagine the Hysteria is Valiant Sniper, I don’t have it, and imagine that Hysteria from 55 weight to 51 weight :sweat_smile:)

This build is “drainable”, but is a strong drainer.

Special Items : FaceShocker / Windforge, Teleport, Energy Grappling Hook / Physical Grappling Hook

@everyone help me out, I am lazy


What eps…

In my opinion that if mods are epic,it will be trashy.


CarolinaReaper farst pls t h a n c c (GrimReaper First)


@Kitsune98 I think this is the module layout you should go for, depending on if you want to counter heat as much as energy or not

@The_Yo_Yo_Man even epic mods give you alright stats at his level


Ok, but still I want to sword change for last words and change drone to any better energy one, and ofc I’d like to change this only cooling module for energy engine if I’ll get one


@Winz_Kay, please put your Real Modules into this one so @Kitsune98 can see…


But just saying that epics aren’t that kind of great.


I was proving a point to Yoyo man that even epics are fine at this point


Ahh ok.


Imagine if someone has heat or energy mech and he alredy lost it.





Look,mods are litle important alright?

Gorgon would probably say that.


Which is better?

  • 1 Last Words and a Bunker Shell
  • Dual Bunker Shells

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Last words…

All bunkers is only good in a Rising Build


as the wise winz has said above, only use dual or more bunkers if you are able to drain the enemy like O_O does(using the dual valiants) and then force them to come closer.Use bulldog+bunker+drone, most likely over 1000 damage.
Already drained opponent, most likely around 1200 and above damage.

In the end, it is your call.


I need help… I’ve been wanting to change stuff up but idk what (utilities are nemo drone and charge)


could you maybe crop the image first…
thank you
(you need more hp)


ok after seeing this a bit i think you need at least 2 iron plates, 2 heat engines and the rest energy engines

you dont need all the weapons your carrying, heat requires only around 3-4 weapons to have good stats…
so i’d say
take out 1 magma blast
take out dawn blaze
add a terror cry if you dont have abomination
maybe keep or change the Vandal rage for a supreme cannon
for utilities i’d say maybe get rid of the charge if you have too much weight

upgrade your torso and weapons and you should have some decent stats