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Ok, thanks


no problem
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One picture says it all

I need help with my mech


well you need more hp
your energy is pretty good
what is this build supposed to counter?
based on that i can help you more


Bring all your modules to legendary- and upgrade them from there. That will help you more than you can imagine.
While you do that, work on mything your weapons- with the malice beam first. Once weapons are mythed, and modules leveled up, the build will be much more formidable.
Also, once the energy engines are max legendary, and you have more than enough energy, feel free to replace one with another iron plating to keep that health up.
Btw, what level is your torso at?


Mythical level 6


Ok then, so once a couple of your weapons are mythical- max that shit. Maxing a Zarkares torso is like adding on two iron platings. Its awesome.


anyone able to help me?

my problem is that… idk what should i do first!!!

what should i do?

  • myth scorching feet
  • max out mods

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Show me your mech’s stats and let’s see what you need to myth first :wink:


here’s my mech:


Your heat and energy stats are(kinda)ok for now,i’d say myth your legs first


k thanks for the (only) help


So I have similar question, what myth first, Malice, Ultrabright or torso (Grim Reaper)?



Acctually myth Grim Reaper.
Cyan if you’re wondering why i taged you,it’s because to check him again…


I would see it in the Unread stuff though.


Ok, thanks, and I think I will also upgrade my energy engine to legendary


After mything please legy those mods.
They’re important.


I’ll try to legy them in the meantime, but it hurts me I have only this one energy module



@Kitsune98 Yes, torso first. Grim Reaper is one of the torsos that is useful to have maxed at any point in your SM career so yeah, best choice.

Ultrabright sucks in my opinion lol

And then max those Rolling beasts, drone, then weapons, then modules.

@The_Yo_Yo_Man At this point, I think mods can wait


Legy mods like…make those mods to be legendary.