General Thread - Build Help


Speaking of the wich…I’m very lucky and suprised for getting Swoop.
Very good item of course,gonna keep it always.


Ah, first one. Obviously, rocket king (no energy mods, since it’s better off as a phys/heat counter).


Now that’s more like it.
I’m still gonna wait for somebodys awnser,so that i will see the result.


This if for Yo Yo MAN SINCE he is suspended.

Do not use Charge. Your mech seems to be designed for pushing, and the Crimson is to scare the players away.

I say use Nemo because it is energy free and can drain the heat cap.
Swoop is better, yes, but if you also aim to fight energies you should use energy free drones.


Why did he get suspended? Is he an alt of someone who got banned?





all you need is to change the hysteria for a VS and then you will truely be a beast of a drainer


I wanna PVP you…since this looks to be a phys/energy counter, Aye?

if interested do lemme know c:


Nibba I got this now


The ultimate king of scopes itself…

Edit :

Y :clap: A :clap: S

Very cool Kanye, very cool.


Also yeah I’m interested @Transcendant, meet me in Top Ranks or so.


Soo since i mythed my supreme (Sorry WM,but i kinda need it.)
I still need some thoughs about my built,so i will post two pics
Like again,the mods are same (And yes that is an old pic,too lazy to get a new one lmao)


Just like my post before. Find it.


Could you please choose?
And give me the information about it?

Vielen Dank.


Fine, I’ll rewrite it.

First off that’s a good Heat build, but lacks Heat.


I said to pick pics.


2nd one is better, you’re not gonna survive any Electricians with that 1st pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you really want to quickly overheat like Physicals and other stuff, then go 1st pic.


Well,i guess i have to wait for murmur then.


MurMur is useful if you overheat your enemies very, very quickly, and most useful with Vandal.


Me and Traf talked about him,i’m very intrested about him.


… Him?