General Thread - Build Help


Ok, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here.

Long story short, I’d like some advice on potential energy builds.

Initial build:

Yes, this is anti-energy

Current top weapons: Delerium, Grim Cobra, and Hysteria (Default)

Current side weapons: Ash Creator (Default), Bunker Shell (Default), Last Words (Default), Bulldog, Malice Beam, and Ultrabright.

Feel free to request any changes, build overhauls, or equipment previews.


Change the Ash Creator for a Bulldog. Last words good, bunker good, Hysteria until you get valiant. (For all-round ground coverage.)
Bulldog, last words, EMP and Hysteria. (For quick drain and good damage)

Drone: Faceshocker. (My opinion: Windforge bad unless you have more than 1 energy mech)

Lvl 1 common TP. Decide: Charge or hook.

You may also decide to change Grimreaper for a Zark in the future depending on weight.


I have FS, TP, and L-M Grapple for utilities.

I thought of Bulldog, but then again, Ash Creator’s drain is hard to give up. Additionally, build modifications will need to be made to fit Bulldog.


Hmm… then go [Bulldog + EMP] or [Ash and Bunker]. You decide


Since both EMP and Bulldog are heavy to go on one mech:

EMP + Ash to make a drain mech
Bulldog and Bunker for damage based.


for pure energy vs energy, then you dont have mass draining weapons other than close range(unless you wanna be a damage enregy.
I am sorry, but not too good on energy builds :frowning:


Listen, I know Big Daddy is bad and all, but does anyone have any builds with it that is somewhat ok? I’m lacking energy weapons so my BD serves as a temporary weapon.


i fought a dude with a troll energy build- face cancer, grim cobra, big daddy, and brightroar. STUPID HUGGER!!! ( i beat him though)


Atleast he gave you hugs lol


I’ve acknowledged this, which is why I’m trying to fit EMP into my build to compete with Valiants.

It’s no easy task, though. . .



New mech soon :eyes:


What a noob. That’s a pathetic build.
That sure can’t face my beast!



On rank 25 :ok_hand:




Wich one of them is better?
I need someones help to tell me about that.
The mods are same…by the way.


I taged you because you’re one of the heat mechs


in my opinion,the last one is the best.
since you have a mythical scope, and wanna use it.
and that swoop needs a lot of energy to fire.


Swoop is useful for getting those quick over heats (man do i hate fighting a dps heater with that thing).

It can also for extreme boilers, be insanely beneficial. BUT it’s energy cost can ruin it’s effectiveness against energies. (this build is more tailored to phys/heats anyways). On this build, I’d pick swoop. Just because it’s pretty damn effective on rocket king/scope builds. (Look towards El-metres build for proof of that).


I’d say to choose number @Transcendant
But information is good as well.

Thank you kath…


Gonna have to help me here, the heck do you mean by choose a number? I’m confused.


you are very welcome :slight_smile:
i am ready to battle any time for tests.


Do you see numbers up there?
You pick wich one of them is the best.

I’m talking the pic numbers…