General Thread - Build Help


Well- to do that I would need some premiums…


No. Just do 2 MB’s and you’ll screw everyone anyway.


2 malice beams is worthless against rank 6 energies who have valients…


Cool. I like pickles.


Alright, so I just got the heat hammer.
Im debating over two builds, the one I have already or one with the hammer.


So the advantages of the first is that I have some shield drain and I can hug energies, not to mention I have range 2 covered by two weapons.
For the second, I will have some good knockback into 4 range for cl and savagery, it does more damage than the heronmark, and does cooling damage. However, I cant hug energies any more and range 2 only has 1 weapon covering it.


The second one sounds like a good idea

Not having a weapon in range 2 is only bad if you corner someone with a charge engine, so unlikely


Totaly agree with Dank.

Better hammer than sword.


Hammer is better because phys. ‘Nuff said.


You can murder huggers using the hammer.
Try mything it and use it on the mech…
See how it goes


I have a problem.
I have a flaming scope…right?
I need a charge once i have that thing.
Now,should i keep Nemo?
Or should i use Swoop…soo that i can put my charger?

My claw problem have been solved.


You can use Swoop, but you need more energy first. At least another engine, if not two.


Hmm…good point.
But i need you to tell me what to choose.


really? so, you wanna use it now?


Duh…i got swoop.

What did you expect?
Awnser is probably?


I’d personally go for Nemo and no scope, myself. It’s ok, but to be really effective you need to put it on the mech that generally goes second so you can set up the shot with the first one.

Another option would be to switch the SC for a Deso, would make you stronger against energies and able to sit at long range. That’d be more difficult, but worth it IMO.


I was thinking about that to be honest.
But won’t be able to push away.

I’ll might try that.


then you could remove enrgy stuff (most of it) and add heat stuff and plates( i mean modules here)


It’s a good idea to keep good energy, unless you’re building (A) a totally energy free mech or (B) a specific heat/phys counter.


Hmmm…very intresting choises.


For example, this is a phys/heat counter I’m working on:

Swoop, flaming hook and teleport included. Also, that’s a Magma under the CL. Still a work in progress, obviously, but I feel it has potential. It has a ton of hp (for a build without plat plates or claw), and decent heat, but even at max myth a rank 10 electric could poop all over it.