General Thread - Build Help


What rank are you btw?
Just curious, u look familiar.


Rank 10-9.
Wowie too much informations


Yeah cuz Imma def stalk on sm cuz we all know how often that happens. Anyways, what’s your adress? (kidding lmao)


Hmm. Decent boiler there. First of all, use that extra weight to change those boosters into engines (after dropping abomination of course). I’d suggest putting on a terror cry to replace it, unless you have a Magma blast or reckoning. The flaming scope is optional; it has some utility but not too much. If you do use it, I suggest putting it on the mech you usually use second, you can often pre-position with your first mech and take your opponent by surprise. That strategy gets me more often than I’d like to admit…


i’d say for your phy mech get rid off BackBreaker, and replace the energy capsule for a iron plate
phys are supposed to have high hp so i think that zark+ironboots+ 3 iron plates will give you enough hp while keeping good heat and energy stats…
also what utilities are you using in your phy?

for the energy mech i’d just say take out the EMP since is not worth it (unless you feel it is) but besides that it looks pretty good


All right… thank you! I switched out my energy capsule unit with an iron plating.

The reason why I use the BackBreaker is because I have NO Range 1 Physical weapons AT ALL. No Annihilation, no Mercy (pretty sad). I’m only using the BackBreaker until I get an Annihilation, so I’ll keep it on for now. The EMP has won me multiple battles that I should have lost. I’m keeping it since I have no other decent energy weapons to put on, so I’ll keep the EMP until I get something better.

Thanks for your advice.


What torso should I use? Avenger? Windigo or Brutality?


No zark in there? could make a more rounded physical (minus the terror cry).


I have a Maxed Myth Zark in my first, Brutality is my fourth Maxed myth, Planning on mything That Grim Reaper next


So, my first mech (physical-2,200 hp) is a beast, and can essentially destroy everything in my rank that isn’t an energy mech
It can easily beat the mains of higher ranking peoples, but yet I am still stuck in rank 7 because of my shitty second mech

Im not sure what to do with this- should I edit this mech, or make a new type of mech entirely to completment my first?


Do you even have abo?

You could make a rocket king
Also don’t use paws.


Could you give an explanation for advice please?

No, I dont have an abomination
And what is wrong with the paws


Paws are the best heat legs…telling a heater to not use them is strange to me.

If anything, his builds pretty good, but it could use another 1-2 or 2-4 wep.


Acctualy i forgot that you are heat mech.
Lol sorry,keep it.

You should upgrade your mods.


Try something like these. (these are base builds I made for someone on kong). The important part here is to find a 1-2 or 2-4 weapon. Use the hammer that came out today. It’d fit your build perfectly while retaining it’s heat capabilities. :slight_smile:


This is how it should look like.

Yes my mods are fuqed up.


I know rocket king

I just want to know what I can do/replace my second mech with- without counting on a premium item that I have been looking for since December


Sad to say is that you should just upgrade your mods.

That’s all i have to say.


Pray for abomination…
You are if remove terror cray, dead range at 2.
If keep flaming meat tenderizer, then dead at range 2.
Try what is best, upgrade mods when maxed the mech.


Just ditch the heat mech and build an energy one. Simple. Heat is too weak to be of any use these days, so why not build one that’s cancerous?