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@trophy435 That is why I need Claws. For Phys and Energy mech. But now I only have a teleport for my energy mech changing MB for EMP. The energy is low because I need the HP… I had Grin Reaper but the Hp let me down… If only I had the claw

@HunterKnight I am waiting on Abomination. This is a Mainly a Heat counter.


well if that mech is for heat counter you have a long way to go!
even without abomination you can make a good anti heat heat mech
for example a terror cry can replace abomination right now since you dont have it, it is lighter and does more dmg but, no heating or heating dmg combo without abomination
then CL cause is a must
2X supreme cannon can deal tons of dmg but you would be vulnerable at ranges 7-8 so maybe a supreme and deso would be fine

so in other words:
make a rocket king build changing the abomination for terror cry and put a CL in it, focus on heat and hp (maybe even add a heat res but only if you have the myth one) and then you should be set to go against other heat mechs


Not a counter as in overheat them… I just mean that it will be hard to overheat me and reduce my HP when Maxed modules since you can see that all of the heat engines are legendary yet I have almost 700 heat


well yeah, this set would give you more dmg rather than heating
maybe you could even change the CL for a Magma Blast just to deal more dmg
you’d have high hp and heat and maybe some res against heat (because res is actually somewhat op)


Remove the Christmas hats for better RNG results, plus it will buff the appearance of your mechs.

Best. Advice. Ever.


The hats are saucy, I like them.
And nonsense for the RNG.

Worst. Advice. For. Me.


Hello. I would like some advice for my mech. Thanks:

Physical Mech:

Energy Mech:

These mechs get me from the ranges of Ranks 10 - 8.

(I also have a lot of spare cooling mass boosters and a lot of energy mass boosters, but am debating whether or not I should use them on my mechs.)


It works, I swear. At least it did for me :slightly_smiling_face:


I know that i got abo.
But i am making Rocket King on my sec mech.

I need help on my frist mech.


Someone tell me what is wrong with this:


dat regen tho


ik it’s more than capacity (u win lolol)


Guys i seriously need help.

Plus some idiots want to piss me off


Pardon??? help with wat?


Go up…my mech?


ohhhh duh ok… well what utilities do u have?
and what modules? lol also wht other top weapons (if any)


My mods.
And my util’s are heat grapling hook and tele.

ignore my ambo


Mmmm… I see… Drone? I cant remember about abo or crimson rapture, but dont they require energy? With a heat mech, you want to have some things that dont require energy, and drones area good start. If you have a drone, then good. Also, I see you’re under weight. If you’d like, you might check how much more weight your mech would have if you put on iron boots. I know they’re physical, but they have quite a bit of HP.


My drone is Nemo.
Crimson and abo reques enerygy.


Yeah, nemo is a good drone, my favorite heat drone (next to murmur lol).