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Any other weapon: I would choose viking hammer.


why in the fu

No offense, but that’s not a very solid idea isn’t it?


No? Why not? 20chars


Viking hammer = range 1 weapon

Last words = range 2-4 weapon


True… And rolling beasts have decent damage too…


I have to agree with cyanine there, viking hammer would be nice, but leaves too much of a weakness at range 2. Bulldog or electric recoiler (if it is released) would work too I think. Cyanine is better at electrics than me though.


I run viking hammer but its only real purpose from what I’ve seen is intimidation. It stops people from jumping to 0 range and/or shutting down right next to u.

The problem is that most people will stop at range two to fire weapons or go up to u and stomp, meaning that u can’t immediately use viking right away. This means that u waste a lot of space. I still run viking although I hope to get bulldog or ash creator as a replacement. In the meantime, I run repulsor and last words to deal with range two guys.


well vkh is doing its job then


And taking up a lot of space while doing it…


do you think they’ll come out with an energy version of the recoilers?


I dont think so, I think energy will be left out as far as the recoilers and frantics go.


i think itll come out


if it comes out, it must be severely downgraded compared to the other recoilers or it will OP af.
double valiants would cum all over the screen in a nanosecond.


So this is what I’m running for a physical mech right now:

Not perfect, but I stay in rank 4-6. I’ve gotten a couple pieces that I’m working on mything now that would put this on the table:

Does that seem like an improvement? Obviously the heat protector would be swapped for an ultrahot if I ever get one, and the only physical L-M weapon I have is a purifier (lol) so no spartans or anything.


u dont need 2 nightfalls one would be fine and the modules are ehh
something like this will work


Would this build be good?

or this one


He’s clearly making an Anti-Phys/Heat, but that would work.

@Traxxed, use this.

Sometimes, the Energy Module would be useless, so this instead.


Both, if you know how to drive one flawlessly.


Just got this from day 21 prem. box… Now what do I make from it?


a phys mech or phys counter duh.