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Yeah, I fight rank 8-5 in arena, and rank 3-1 in chat, the differences are very subtle. The littlest thing start making a big difference up there I’ve noticed, lol.


yes, same here. i have a mech that i have beaten rank 1’s with, but my other 2 mechs used to be garbo


this is the plyr with the build almost identicle. and if i wanted to i have an extra zark torso to put on my energy mech.
i just think that grim reaper would be better, because of the energy. the health will be lower by 200, but the energy would be rly good w/ EMP


here is another play with it. but they are rank 3 atm



Capable of maybe… Rank 6-2 (depending on hows it’s used)


@cyanine, @nightfox485, and anyone else that would know: I designed this a while back and really wanted to build it, but I didn’t have the parts at the time. Now I do, but I keep hearing f2p energy builds are useless in top ranks. Would this work? I do not have a energy fighter yet, unless you count my heater with lots of energy free weapons.

The idea is an energy/physical fighter, but if I get drained I’m screwed and I do not know if it would last long enough to fight a physical. The only other posibility for an energy fighter with my inventory would be this or something similar:


I’d say this is pretty good at ranks 10 - 6 but at skull ranks, the lack of resist would cripple you. Its energy cap is fine but against phys, it would not be able to drain fast enough b4 it is shredded. I’d say fit a malice beam to it for more drain, but its up to you.


Nonsense, that will bring you up to Rank 4 depending on how it’s used.

@Destroyerblack that is a solid Pure-Energy, but with res like that you’d be killed easily, as well as the lack of draining enemies (you picked all damage type weapons), but because IT’S damage type along with the help of that Dissolver, you will exert out a lot of damage.

Also, replace 1 Regen Booster with Energy Engine, then replace 1 more Regen Booster with a plate.


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What do you guys think about this build? I been struggling for a 3rd mech build, and I think this might work for me.
R8, and give me your input plz. Thanks!


The heat stats are overkill lol, but yes that is fantastic.

But because it like, has low HP, you might need a Basalt Dissolver.

Usual Dual-Deso mechs has this kind of Heat stats.

These ones could also work :


I need a way to get into long range with my mech, should I replace Hungering Beam with:

  • Rock recoiler
  • Magma recoiler
  • Last words
  • Repulser
  • Any other weapon

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