General Thread - Build Help


im trying to make an energy build with some spare parts

can anyone give me any build ideas? (i got ash creator 2 days ago)


Add a hysteria maybe? Let me see ur module loadout and I can make some more suggestions.


Man, i need help
I dunno what happend when i was gone but one thing if for sure, i am back at rank 7 and not in my normal rank 4…
Here is my inventory AKA What i have to work with,

01%20PM 07%20PM
16%20PM 32%20PM

And The Arena Shop Buffs If It Helps at all


Help with this Anti-elemental Build


an anti heat mech drainer?
i d o n t g e t i t
m a b r a i n h u r t a b i t


you should remove some platplat and put on a claw, then put on more heat mods


like this


Balance build


What will you do if you’re at Range 2, Both Annihilations are all used up?..

how are you going to get into range for Spartan?


anni use range 2 spartan 3 to 6


I know that…
Read my post again carefully


i cant move?


You have Claw…ofc you can’t move…Charge won’t do anything because you’ll either stay at Range 2 or you’ll be in the corner right next to your opponent…


what do yall think about this build?
I don’t have electrolyte maxed, but i do have windforge maxed. which i’d use till i maxed electrolyte


This post was 2 days ago huh, I’ll help you out.

I’m not going to pressure you with much builds, so here are some of the basic ones you can do. :slight_smile:


(you can change energy res into phys res)



(you can change phys hook into energy hook)


If you want to use Windigo instead (dont know why you would), we could build around that.


But what about huggers? The 3 uses on the shotgun gets used up pretty quickly. Also, no heatwave? If the opponent grapples then you’re done for. The purpose is to avoid phys at close range and put heat and energy mechs in range of HEC. The push legs is necessary to ward off sword mechs while relying on shotgun as the only range 2 push weapon.


yes, you are right about the shotgun. and ok, wasn’t thinking about phys huggers


what do you guys think? what rank do you think this is capable of?
i’m going to change the spinefall to a grimcobra as soon as i get one.


Rank 5 or 6 I’d say. I run into pretty similar builds quite often.


ok, i was just wondering… i just barely was looking at some rank 2-1 plyrs, and i seen 2 mechs almost identicle to this. just wanted y’alls opinion