General Thread - Build Help


No, no my friend, I must resurrect you! 3 days??? What has this thread ever done but help us? Why do we keep trying to kill it? :sob: :sob: :sob:


What is the opinion on this?


heat counter with literaly no heat resistance…
enough said.


It’s a physical counter with some strength against heat. I’m a f2p, what do you expect, this?

Can’t do that no matter how much I want to. Just wondering if there is a better f2p weapons configuration or something.


I need the extra weaponry, so something had to go. Since heat isnt as damaging as physical, it had to be the heat resist :cry:


I like emojis, they’re fun :rofl:


just remove the epic plate and add a heat resistance module, or that “strength against heat” wont help.


so you dont want this thread to die?
well then…




“i reflect no u”
it includes that too.


Yo guys, with the magma recoiler release, my heat boi no longer needs to use wock wecoiler! Now I can get the perfect weapon configuration. However, I would like to know if I should change anything about the modules.

In particular, would another iron plate be better than savior resistance?




Lol. With arena boosts and zarkares’ built in resist, savior makes it go up to a very respectable anount. Taking 15, 20 less damage from every shot, 60 less every turn, makes it better than 145 hp in the long run


Ah makes sense. So do u think I should keep the mod set up?


hows this for a build?

arena buffs on


I’d say so, looks like a solid build


Not enough armor, not enough resist, and you are mixing boiler with explosives.


can you suggest a build?


Sorry, was playing a game with my friend while eating breakfast. I can cobble something decent together with that, one sec


Not much I can do about the armor unfortunately, but here are my ideas: