General Thread - Build Help


if you are going for an energy counter, lpv is much better.
if its balanced, then add a few heat modules.
its a hugger, but you need NF. there are bound to be some repulser or rock/magma recoilers. and NE only has 3 uses.
also, no resistance means quick death.


you say that like an lpv is easy to get. plus im not looking for balanced.


i mean, i got it from a premium box.
a premium B O X.
hope you get it soon.


and what are the odds of getting it?
very little
so at this time id rather stick with more common items such as epics. if i get any neat items i will notify you.


here is what i have as of now:
should help you compromise, right?


Why tho?

Builds like it have no en mods lol


What energy mech can I make with these items?


dual anihaialation is energy free but is not so good when useing the claw the first one is the best anyway because you have a significant chance of upsetting intense heat mechs even the train energy free aromour , 3 magmas , and burning shower and/or 1 sorrow



post the items and maybe i can help


oh sorry i see you have already inserted them my bad


It’s okay lol :laughing:, just emphasizing.


For @liam36287 I heard there was this dual valiant build? Would that work?



you can use that rusty energy armour i saw you have but this is faster since you have viking level 32 you can go dual vialant sniper you already have 1 mythical which is good i would advise you to incouperate mortal bullet which you have it is in my plan on the other side so dual vialant sniper viking hammer and mortal bullet try to max them all if not mythical transformation i wish i had all these weapons as well but i use i sniper in my naga energy mech




is this build good?

i have builded this build with some spare parts with my trash inventory and the platinum plating is when i be lvl 200 im lvl 152, 48 levels left to lvl 200.


Looks good, maybe swap that heat cap mod for a heat engine for better cooling.


Heh. Been a long time since I’ve built a Duo-Valiant.

My build advices for you; Make a Physical Counter. With that Res it’ll be hard for Physical to kick you out.

(anti-phys / heat)

(semi-rounded mech, just be sure to know when to cool down)