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On the weapon itself in game, not on WU though.


Just looked in my inventory instead of WU, it does indeed drain resist, and the workshop doesnt show its heat damage. @KilliN, could you please fix that? Thanks


Depends on how long your mech can survive
If you have high hp and res and you are sure that you can take a lot of hits, then medium cap with high cooling should do good
If no, then cap will do better


Oh nm this comment heh.


yeah well… im a no res gae :frowning:

but the illusion of 2700hp seems like i cooooould take a lot of hits, but it ends up being almost the same as having 2300hp with 30 res

though the extra hp allows for more flexibility if i pick wrong


I think cap will do better then, you can’t survive long against magma users and rockets
Only weakness would be boilers but who uses those anyway lol


ok time to vote… again

here are the options:

  • 1 - grim reaper
  • 2 - fha - 2 en eng - 1 util
  • 3 - fha - 1 en eng - 1 en boost - 1 util
  • 4 - fha - 1 en eng - 1 en boost - 2 utils

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  • Good
  • Bad
  • Nice

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can’t tell if you’re being serious or not




Just a random build that came up in my mind.


the concept is good anti-dual desos

everything else, down the drain


I see that build quite a few times in arena…


alright. so imma need some help with my physical build. wanting to make it an energy fighter.

any tips?


Seraph and claw? How you gonna push your oponnent?


i have a physical recoil weapon. cant remember the name
EDIT: ah. rock recoiler. its not on the mech but i am saving it in case someone includes it in some tips


also tips for this? build suggested by @cyanine with some changes of my own


Remove a weapon and slap on some energy modules.


hm. can you send in an example?


i came up with a hugger build

this gud?