General Thread - Build Help


I think I’ve developed a new phys anti-heat mech…

And a new phys anti-energy too…


Honestly…from my experience…600 Energy is not enough…


What about 400 regen? Is that enough? Full recovery from an emp.


I’ve never had 400 regen before lol…

I mean…like it could work…I dunno…


Ok, how about someone high ranking who has the right items (say @lordgorgon) help us out and test this mech? Even if you’re using iron plates vs plat plates, you still have 2300 hp, which is pretty respectable.


the 400 regen helps in the long run, but u have to play it wisely


It works dimwit

Just make sure the enemy doesn’t have a 2nd EMP or duo valiants :joy:


Who you callin Dimwit?..









Warriors of the super mechs! I come before you seeking judgment on my machines!


Only 3 things: more regen on your first mech, more armor on your second if possible, and perhaps equip dynamite boots. Stomp plus repulsor is a pretty weak combo. But that’s all I got, pretty good builds.


Like this perhaps:

I will probably have to wait until I hit 200 for that PP for the heat mech though heh.

Edit: Maybe I should dump the Corrupt Lights for a pair of Dawnblazes to go from partial heater to resist drainer/dmg mech…


Decent hp, high mobility, enough heat and cooling to beat a damage heater or recover quickly from a single heat bomb. Boiler will be troublesome, but they normally need energy to fire their weapons, so drain them fast. As for energy, you need a lot of regen to fight another energy, and using emp-ultrabright-face shocker is 490 energy, so you want the cap high too. That repulser will come in handy to knock people directly into sniper range. No need for a hook, you can roll closer to them if they run away for some reason, and you have no range 1 weapons


And if you want damage-resist drainer heater, rockets all the way my boy, rockets. Maybe rockets and dawnblaze, but you gotta have some rockets.


Ah, frantic flame does drain resist. Alright then, dawnblazes should do well on there


Cool thanks. Spent the last 2 months max mything that energy mech from scratch. At least the changes aren’t big :slight_smile:


I do have to correct myself again, flame doesnt drain resist. But I think it will still do well with dawnblaze


It says it does drain resist…