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Using wheel chair means I can remove teleport


How is this then
This don’t have a teleport


I’m a rank 5 with worse stuff than you, Though having said that, I still able to maintain my rank by balancing the dual Phys lineup I have


Thanks to all who helped!
I got rid of my energy engine (for now) and added some plating, so now I have 2200 health.

I can absolutely destroy heat and physical mechs now, infact I just won a 2v2 without even losing my first mech

It dies pretty quick against energy though, which is that my energy counter (ish) second mech is for.


All good. Maxing up time


I also need to find a clash to replace the nemo (which I barely use) on my second mech

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Thanks for the tips.
Although,this is an old setup of mine,that I long left into the past :slight_smile:
Now I run a triple setup,with two counters and a balanced mech.
I’m saying triplets because they are identical.
You see,on a vs-phys build,indeed,you won’t need 2100 hp since you’ll survive 3 turns anyways.But,using counters,the more hp,the merrier,since you’ll suvvive a lot longer against heat and electric mechs :slight_smile:


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I need suggestions!


@L4K3, @Transcendant, guys, mind you take a look…


You need a lot of energy with that build. And there’s too many weapons. A good phys build has max 4 weapons.

Get rid of Mighty Cannon and Terror cry. Add another Nightfall or annihilation.


Mighty cannon can be very good if he is making a heat/physical counter… if he plans to do that I say he removes night eagle , and changes terror to nightfall


maybe… i need (want) push/pull weapons tho. I’m never taking off the backbreaker


Well,let’s talk about the weapon setup first.
You need a BackBreaker since you don’t have a Mercy or anything else. Do not discard it,because you will lose battles one after another (people will just hug you,stay in range 1 and you won’t be able to do anything).That is a little inconvenient but okay,fine.
The NightFall is a must.
The Terror cry won’t serve you much purpose;maybe combined with the Cannon,but it does a little less damage than a NF and doesn’t drain res (thus,it’s weaker than standard).
The Night Eagle,you may also keep,however you could swap that and the Terror Cry for a secondary NightFall.
My opinion is a Cannon,BB,Dual NF build.Covers all ranges,does good damage and drains (if in range for your dual combo).

You see,are you sure you want to use Avenger?
It has good health but very poor core stats;Zarkares better compensates the loss (plus,with the setup above,you’ll also save some more weight).

You will lose around 100 hp (still,you can put another plate if you want to) but gain a lot more heat,so you can put more energy/heat.
Well,that’s not really the case if you wanna make a counter build,but use Zarkares if you want to efficiently round it.

As for the module setup,depends on what strategy you wanna adopt.Counter or rounded.

Feel free to ask anytime!


I’ve never gotten a Zarkares torso!! I’ve been wanting one ever since i first heard about it!!


I can donate you one. Or three.


I have 3 mechs here. Please give advice. ANY advice.

Mostly help on how to use the weight efficiently… I have EMP and Rolling beasts on the side waiting… They used to be part of the mech before the EMP weight change forced me to change.
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This is the least worrying to me as it easily takes down 2.4k claw mechs with a bit of skill. It is an energy-counter but I may change the torso to Zarkares for a bit more Heat. Any suggestions would be fine.

My heat mech is almost done… but I don’t have much experience in it. It does little damage and doesn’t heat too well. Please advise me. When I get an Abomination, I may make a Rocket King, but for the time being…
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Thank you in advance!


but how. but why_


well you see… you heat mech seems more of a heating mech rather than a heat and the do a burst of dmg

this is basically your mech:

weapons for overheating:
Heat Bomb
Crimson Rapture

weapons for dmg:
and maybe CL just because is unlimited

you only have 1 weapon that has high dmg and does shield drain while the rest are meant more to over heat
your pros are that at ranges 1-4 you can overheat many mechs with low heat easily but, after that you can’t really get your enemy into deso position or really push him around into a CL+Deso combo

so maybe instead your mech can be more of a:
Supreme Cannon (because this combo works wonders)
keep CL and maybe stay with either HB or CR
this will allow you to weaken your enemy a lot while still doing some major heating

but if you would ever want to go extreme on heating someone… i have a prototype mech that im not sure how it’d work out, but so far it looks good for mass heating (note, this mech will only be good for 1 mech fight since most of the weapons are 1 use and meant to make your opponent SUPER vulnerable but also leave you vulnerable)


your energy mech needs more energy, switch out an hp plate for an energy engine.
even tho the emp sucks, i’d still use it so it’d keep the phys mechs at bay, and maybe some other energy mechs (i’d switch out the malice beam for emp since u have a vs)

the phys mech needs more hp

the heat mech needs a magma or abomination sadly :frowning: either that or take out a heat engine and place an energy engine to avoid being drained by vs or ash creator, and pray that u arent in range of emp when going second

and just keep upgrading those modules