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Can someone show me a good grimreaper rolling thunder mech





Just a random build that came up in my mind, what do you guys think?

It’s a rounded.


God bless you cyanine


Oof only if i had bulldog or moral


That build is a Semi-Rounded.

It will do better if it fought Physicals instead of Energy. Can also prooooobably reduce 2k HP from a Dual-Deso.


Testing to kill energy mechs


That scares the crap out of me.

But if I have double teleporter, hook and hysteria, I can defeat that no probs


Experimental anti sparked runner


Experimental Anti Desolation Weak against vest

Energy Variant


Hi so can you give a modification for this physical mechanical
I would like to use Energy Free Armor but I’m not sure if it’s good


No, do not use Energy Free Armor.


Best I can think of with what you showed us. Energy free armor wouldnt work because nightfall, night eagle, and physical drones all need a fair bit of energy to work. You would be better off with zarkares or archimonde


Those weapons are too heavy to put much armor on, so you may have some trouble with physicals



Simple EMP can kill this.


It’s a heat counter. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank God I have all the items


You need energy with your nightfall and night eagle (btw I use the same setup but with burning boots :wink:), go with @Destroyerblack’s suggestion.


hey im gonna need a second opinion on this, since i want to counter heat mechs but sometimes i dont want to lose half a turn

which is better?

  • 771 heat cap, 248 cooling
  • 396 heat cap, 373 cooling

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