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Res drainer.


Got new items (again) and new ideas (again) so now I need advice or agreement on a build (again).


Imagine its magma recoiler. What ya all think?

PS: I forgot teleporter.


needs more heat capacity


I know that is difficult, but I want second opinions :v, which would be the best team that you will possibly do with this?


So, I have a vague idea of a troll energy and anti-energy that I want advice on:



Any thoughts are welcome.


Option 2 is the best IMO because its very equilibrated but have the 2nd place


The troll is amazing. Kind of low on the HP side (and i dont know why shock wave is there) but its alright. 4/5

The anti energy is amazing too, I’d be f*cken scared if I met that lmao


That’s pretty awesome.


Thinking of a good build with Magma Recoiler. (You’re screwed if you run into energy though.)


If energy recoiler got released. I imagine this build will be very popular.


Swap a booster for an engine and then you’re :ok_hand:


I’m aiming for a DPS Troll, and Shockwave, albeit not out-draining it, has higher damage over 4 turns than FS (I have no qualms with using Electrolyte). I plan on using Bulldog + Last Words to get to range 4 or more where usage won’t be a problem.


My first build with beard armor


Ahh, you mean a Mordulec familiar?

Also there’s something wrong with Range 1 there boy


range one weakness
are you talking about my build?

This text will be blurred



1st mech (was deleted at first) :

It lacks damage output, but would be neat if it had more stuff.

2nd mech :

Solid enough for Anti Heat, but not sure on the HP and lack of Teleport.


I decide to remake the second


And now you overdid it, congrats.

Although this time, it’s going to actually stand a chance against Heaters, so nice one.