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If you have an MPV then you could use this (btw, I’m not good at making builds)
This build can handle any type but sort of weak to all at the same time…(would work better with a Maximum Protector)


So, I am facing a decision right now. I now have two decent heat torsos. Both have their own pros and cons. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

A lot of armor, but low resist and slightly less heating and cooling. Much less armor, much more resist, slightly better heat stats

  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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Could this actually work?


Add Burning Shower and Red Rain for pull…

Burning shower + Red Rain + Annihilations x2


It’s a rounded. Red Rain is bad for this build 'cause of it’s en cost.


oh…then leave Red rain out…


I’m trying to give Sweetie some love here lol.


what in the goodness donut is this

here’s my rendition


I like it, I was thinking about using an en free heat drone.


oh sorry lol

also sorry for the late reply, I just maxed 3 modules…


Which energy build should I stick with out of these?




canopy tried and… nothing good rlly


i got a spinefall which changed up my build a bit. Think I can get rid of face shocker (thank god) but now my build is a little odd. What do we think?


How is this as an anti-energy anti-physical?


The first mech is Good against Energies, might do well against Physicals.

The second mech will do a lot better against Physicals.

I personally pick 2nd Mech. :slight_smile:

Although why do you not like Face Shocker? (i know, uses right???)


I’m planning my build, is this any good? If i ever get WindForge, LPV, VS, and Bunker, i wanted to make this build.


OF course yes, but…

… Is that a Heat Counter?

Although if I were you, I’d drop the Mortal Bullet.


Drop the mortal bullet? What would he put on in replacement? It’s heat free and does good drain damage.