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Why everyone looks only at the setup of the mechs, look at the fellings too

Have you ever wondered how your mech feels?


yes dont worry i feed my mechs and take care and love them


On Alt acc, my mechs feel pretty weak and strong at the same time, but aren’t ashamed because they are beginners after all, piloted by a veteran boi

On main acc, my mechs feel outdated, but they still can do what they’re told to do; exterminate.




That mech doesn’t require any energy, you might wanna swap that Archimonde for an Energy Free Armor and then slap on a Bassalt Dissolver on it. And if you’re going boiler, Nemo might be better than Firefly.


Nice and simple as I have always built my energies, but even though I was a decent energy builder in legacy, I might have missed something in reloaded. Any obvious flaws to smooth out or components to add that would strengthen this? Going for full on drainer since I cannot get ultrabrights to drop. Please keep in mind I have no premium items for an energy mech except the torso and legs.


I am currently using fractured heat armor, but I will swap it out for the hollow armor once I get it to myth.


You’ll might need a Res Drainer on that.


That’s as smooth as Butterbean.


My no energay phys boi

I don’t think its been made b4 tbh


A good energy can survive the impossible

The OK energy

Anti Heat Energy

Imagine if somebody has 3 mechs like this.


Imagine me quiting…




I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you

You have to pair Brightroar with something soy

Basically just 2 Mortal Bullets and 2 Valiants Snipers are enough, but I do see some situations that Brightroar can be useful, so sure goodluck with that

Also revamp time

A good energy that can survive the impossible


The OK Energay

Anti Heat Energy mech



Idk what to replace in this build i made.


those are good too 20 characters


This is what I plan for my completed phys mech, any recommendations?


Maybe swap out an engine for a heat resist, thats all I see




Did you turn off the Arena Shop Bonuses on purpose?