General Thread - Build Help


they all suck though

but for heat builds, just be a dual deso and stack plates


you talking mad sh’t for my energy meccs

But seriously?


ya they either have:

  • too many weapons
  • not enough hp
  • no res gay attributes
  • no emp
  • all of the above

also heat bomb prone


when you have enough weight and could put nothing else on modules because they’re fine, you put more weapons.

the energies on legs are pretty normal with 1880 HP. The energies on claws are also normal, if you don’t believe me 2000 HP is basically saying “GOOD” all over energy mechs.


you dont like my res thas good

this is damage-oriented, i dont need no sh’t emp

also if i had no 2nd claw, id pick the first mech on legs (with emp)

well no sh’t sherlock


yes thats why i said “they either have”

im not sure what else these are supposed to counter besides energies



all energy mechs i build are literally good to go on all scales and forms, even if they suck at heat

Heat and Phys mechs.

Clearly the ones on claws also counter Phys.


you arent gonna win the phys battles without 100+ phys res or an emp

and those also counter heat builds? whaaaaaaaat


again no sh’t sherlock, people here dont have 100 res yet soy

oh i thought you meant the general physique of energy mechs, because there are a lot of branches for them.

this thing i have cant counter no heat gay


well… i … i sometimes have 100 phys res

then who are the build concepts intended for? and which one would you pick


of course you have those silly mighty protector res modules and Platinum Vests.

For me, i just wanted to see what ya’ll would pick

id pick NOTHING there lmao


ye i do… but its not as effective since heat is the meta :frowning:

id pick nothing there too, but if my arm was twisted to pick one, i’ll let the poll tell


So I got a lightning scope in a prem pack today, I need a build to go with it.


Which one would be better?

This? Or this?


Its supposed to be an anti-energy/Phys


Anti Energy / Anti Phys eh?

will it work as an Energy Counter?..yes

will it work as a Phys hunter?


That is not a Phys hunter, only Energy hunter.


Simple; Any build that has Last Words and/or Viking Hammer together.

Also has mobile legs, not The Claw. If you want The Claw, you must have Repulser, a Brightroar and Viking Hammer or Last Words.

Examples :



(:arrow_double_up: Favorite)*

oh goodness, i’m slowly turning into my old self - HUGE posts full of builds lmao


I just realized, I started the Triple-Res builds.

Except this one is a prototype-version, I didn’t know that in the future, just 3 Cooling Mass Boosters would be relevant… Also I didn’t know how to put Heat Point in so I put Clash, again would’ve been Heat Point if I replaced Heat Engine with Cooling Mass Booster.


Ok, i dont say it correctly, it is going to fight against physicals and energys, i know that sometimes im not going to win but meh, the common live of a free to play user xd. Also please answer mi question, wich one would be better?

> Blockquote


One with more regen.