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Yh but then i could maybe go back to having normal heat and energy engines


I have some extra room on my 2 mechs. Both using faceshocker and teleport. Should I change the torsos to windigos and add another last words on both? Or wait for the lightning scope and add it to both?


2 plates is enough



Pretty good mechs there. Lightning scope wouldn’t hurt… but what you really need is range 1/2 weapons. Stormweaver, Bulldog, Ash Creator, Mortal Bullet (in order of preferrability). If you’re ever lucky enough to get those, I’d suggest downgrading a plate to an engine or booster and adding them.


Good mechs! my only critique would be to replace 1 plate with an engine. Not only will this give you a better chance of winning vs. an energy mech, but it would also allow you to fit on a Hysteria or 2nd Malice Beam.

I like your 2nd mech. It’s obviously a physical/heat counter, which I approve of. All I can say is try to find a way to utilize the extra 46 kgs.


I would rethink putting so much plate.

Don’t mistake me considering half the people who play this game are phys mechs but…

It’s odd. Once you hit that 1800 range in HP it tends to not really matter until you can get to around 2100 hp after that. I’d consider more Engines than plates personally. Why 2100 hp though? If your opponent goes first and gets that first 200 damage drone on you.

2 Heat engines and 1 heat booster is an absolute for my phys mech. I can’t imagine having less unless I build another for only energy battles. Once someone hits you with a few magma’s and an abomination you realize real quick you need to have that much. Then you will have to attack + Duck+ Drone until they die.


I havn’t changed my build in a while, and was wondering if I could get some help on it, preferably from someone who is above my rank (rank 6)

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I rather say NOT to use epic tele.
Use the common tele


Wel well well, if it isnt this good ol’ danky asking for help. Here you go mate.
Obviously no good vs elec, get rid of this energy engine, it wont change anything. Get rid of 2 utilities, 1 is enough, youve got the wheelchair (i was running 0 utilities when using wheelchair).
Youve got weight, youve got an empty module spot: feed in another plate. Then? Maxing out


If I was to ever get a good premium, like a spartan carnage, would I be able to replace the night eagle with that?


Yes definitely… (check algerianos replays)


Well, since I will never get the spartan carnage lol- would replacing the night eagle with a nightfall be a good or bad idea?
Also, thank you physical guru


I hate the night eagle (for no reasons), its the only phys weapon i never kept or worked on.
Between a dual nf mercy and a nf, ne, mercy; its mainly a matter of game play and style. Both can be efficient.
So its up to you to try and see toward what you lean.
There are many runing dual nf/mercy. Happypop is one, check it out.






Hey gorgy
As u said him to remove utilities
Is teleport necessary


I am rank 4, here is my mech
It should work with rolling beasts


Instead of a phys res,I’d put another energy engine (as just 1 won’t save you anyways;electrics can drain at least 300 a turn).


I still have the old interface but yours got updated :confused:


25+11= 36 spare kg.(if you let go of the en engien and the teleport).
Epic plate = 40.
Missing 6 kg.
I wouldnt dish out the energy engine, since it is a nice dmg buffer towards energy, it might not save you from a full drain, but it can absorb 89 drain dmf from start, and another 42 each turn.
I would dish out, the epic phis protect, 28 kg saved.
Also replace an heat engine with a booster. Another 10kg spare. Let go of teleport, total spare 49kg.
Put in a plate.
Replace wheels with iron boots. Wait for a spartan, and you got 1000kg perfecr build.
Or if you wanna use wheelchair:
Let go of charge and teleport 31 kg spare, replace a heat engine with booster, 41 kg spare. Put on 1 plate instead of energy engine, and another plate instead of epic protector, 41-15 -12=4 kg spare.