General Thread - Build Help


if you are able to switch over in time, that is fine.
I have seen battles where person A is a 2kHP+ person(usually a physical).He waits and absorbs all shots from person B.
Just when person B (such as you, yeet) has almost reached max heat cap, person A switches, and uses heat bomb.
BAM,first mech is dead,second mech too(probably)

just a suggestion…
if you are able to counter the switching over of mechs, then good job!
rank 1 is yours mate.



That is perhaps the worst torso for the energy counter. It has really shitty cap and cooldown/regen stats. The only benefit is higher HP pool, but in case of energy mechs it is not that important. What do you need HP for, if you are drained?


I was figuring I use avenger, 1-2 hp plates, 6-7 energy engines, so I could have good hp and high energy.

Keep in mind Im getting by with epic to myth items here, I dont have premiums.


Oh,I really love this build ^^
Should I go with it?

Or this one?

Or this,maybe?


I’m pretty sure the hammer negates the need for TC. Wheel Chair could work if you’re fighting non energy’s.

I’d say the last one but with heavy testing!


Nope,not really…

If the opponent is in range 1:
BB has range 1,meaning that I could push to only range 2,while SC starts from range 3 and Desolation from 4…

If the opponent is in range 2:
No weapons can be used unless changing positions.
Also,range 2 is a killer spot for physicals and they are also natural predators to heaters…
All the worse :laughing:

Actually,fighting whatever.
It’d be just an occasional,wonder-build :slight_smile:

Well then,will do.


My apologies, I got it confused with the new BB (given it’s 3KB). Which I’d suggest trying out over BB, just to see if it helps more (believe it’s damage is also higher? I’ve yet to see stats so I can’t confirm).


Actually,it’s basically the same damage.
But okay,will try!
Maybe the push would help.


How could I improve this?


get 3 heat engines and leave just 3 heat engines on it


What the…?
You plagiator!

Well,for starters,farm some heat engines to replace the mass units.
Hopefully get an Abomination too…
Myth your other mods for now,as there’s not much you can do on it atm (as you don’t have the items needed).


your mech on 2.0 version,you can call him daddy


these are my two mech normaly the phy has 2 energy enegines and 3 heat and my heater has 2 energy engines 2 heat and 1 cooling booster.

I have no chance again energies and i dont have a ani for my phy mech is it worth putting my energy mods on it as a counter mech?


you should probably keep one energy engine in your heat mech
and one heat engine in your phy mech


Idk rn i lost 2 matches and won 3
Some of the ones i won i wouldve lost with my current setup
But you’re right if a heat mech has a random malice beam or if im versing a smurf/hybrid i could lose


plus it’s good so you dont either overheat yourself with your phy
and you dont get drained on first turn with your heat


Also i dont have an extra energy engine (actually i might have one) and i need all the energy i can get for my phy as it is low
So i cant add a heat for my phy

Edit: i dont have another energy engine


you do have a point there… maybe once you myth your zark torso then you can change 1 or you can just keep t like that since Zark has the best heat stats


Yh but for my next myth i might do another weapon for my heat mech i have 3 myth foods and can make the rest in a few days


if i may suggest i’d say myth Deso cause it’s good against energy mechs