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i always see heaters with 1 myth weapon, with no other myths having a max myth heatpoint.





@cyanine can u make ash + big daddy build?


Two questions: I have seen a few physical mechs in arena that have a lot of the standard weapons but they use a heatpoint drone, and it seems very effective. Since I can’t find a tonto, would this be a good idea? The other thing is I keep seeing players boosting power kits to upgrade their items, does this help bring down the coin cost? Why do you guys do it?


using power kits is so called effective but not sure about that.
using heat point uhhhh hmmmm maybe don´t do that use some other drone can i see your drone collection.



Thank you sean.



No Problem :slightly_smiling_face:


mmmmm what´s your phy mech look like?


Lol, don’t laugh, its a work in progress.


sexy torso you got there.
ah hm,
any ways do void that´s the best drone i can see right now that might help you.


No, @Destroyerblack, Use Tonto


he does not have it yet.
if he did i would have had said to use tonto.
i believe so, if i´m wrong don´t kill me


Need quite a few e-ms that just wont drop


what´s all the phy droens you have?


Use this mech
Torso - Hollow Spectral Armor


oh did killin upload it yet?


It’s implemented, but he’s testing something with Zark, Claw, HSA,


oh okay just making sure.


Just void and hurlbat