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But you must


Is this mech good?


Ya it’s okay.


I prefer MB over ultrabright but ok I guess…?
Range 1: Slam him and use hysteria
Range 2 - 3: last words + MB
Range 4 - 6: MB + hysteria
Range 7+: hook and slam / charge + last words / teleport + slam / drone + hysteria


why those legs?
is it for when you are drained?
then what are you doing with an energy out?
why that drone and ultrabright?
why the heat modules?


It’s a damage based energy Mech. Uses recoil stompers when drained. Heat modules to fend off heat. Windforge because of its weight and drain.


if it was damage based, it would do damage.
ultrabright is the only damage item on there.
if an energy mech gets drained its worthless. if you recoil stop them, the probably have malice so you are getting them in range for their weapons.
that cooling decent,but the cap is what will kill you.
faceshocker is a better damaging drone if you are doing damage. it can do over 300 damage when enemy is drained.



remove 2 heat mods (maybe 1 booster and 1 heat module), add a plate because this looks like a glass cannon. and we all know in the world of tripple magmas and phys spam glass cannons zucc.


Put some res on it, geez…


Get some sleep Snorlax


You shut up…


Wow, calm down Dudu…


Example of simple rounded energy damage mech f2p%20eng


I think I built a really bad heat mech.

This one is even worse


When you are low rank, you don’t need res that much.

You’ll need skills and weapon strength (people down here are kinda dumb, like some max a Tonto drone first before anything else)


First heat mech his kinda decent but weapon-ranges will NOT cooperate with eachother.


Why not those “sparkling” rollers?


Sparked Runners ?


why not those?
why dynamic stompers
(I say that because I got sparkly rollers instead of needing to boost a random dynamic stomper)