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Option 1

Energy legs for energy break while kick

Option 2


You don’t have to use these recommendations since they are recommendations but yeah… this is what I’d do


If only I had a max protector lol


guess you gotta do with hp plate for now :sob:


I think I will combine the two options. Charged walkers and phys hook :slight_smile:


Yeah, phys hook is what most people would go to

I just put it there because a maxed myth hook does 46 energy damage and that’s sometimes enough to get me out of a pickle

but I guess you don’t have an energy hook or want to max one :sweat_smile:


I don’t have any L-M hooks, but I figure if I am using a hook to pull them close it’s most likely because somehow I am out of juice and am going to stomp a foot on them lol


I guess that’s true since you’ll be using mobile legs


Well I do have a set of rolling beasts I could use…


OOOOOHHHHH! That comes out perfect lol


Oh that would be better. More Hp, more mobility!

I just didn’t know what you had so…


I had actually forgot I had them to be honest lol. I have them on my 3rd mech, saving them for future useage while I try to max myth my 2 primary mechs. But that third mech keeps getting pushed back cause I keep getting new items and end up having to do a full rebuild like this lol

Like for example, this is my current energy build, so switching to this new build to make use of the sniper is going to take some time.


Hello there, I have two mechs for surveying… I just learned this thread existed today right after creating another new thread.

For the first mech: that Spartan Carnage is max legendary as I haven’t been able to upgrade it to mythical yet. I also have a level 26 myth backstabber and level 14 myth platinum grappling hook. Is there anything I can do to improve it or do I just upgrade and hope for l-m resistance modules?

Now for the second mech. Is there any torso or leg changes I should make? Any changes in modules? I also have a legendary tonto level 29, a legendary charge engine level 10, level 25 epic basic teleporter, and level 9 epic iron grappling hook.


I am fairly new to this game, so I don’t have any useful advice to give you, especially since I do not currently have a phys mech built.

But I would like to ask, are you familiar with the Workshop Unlimited mech building tool? Great utility for messing around with test building mech designs to see what their stats will be when maxed out for helping plan out your builds :slight_smile:


Yes I am familiar with it and have it bookmarked but I want some people to look over them in person, not just me looking at it and thinking if it’s good or not…


Cool, just like to share it out since it is so useful :slight_smile:



is use sr and fs This text will be blurred


I can’t resist the urge to help.

Rounded :

(winz’s rounded also is beautiful)

Heat Counter :

Energy Counter :