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Maybe, you’ll never know


Is this rounded mech good?

Damage version: Iron Frenzy and Dawn Blaze.


damage version. It might fail against high-hp heat bots


I need help choosing my future setup:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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Set up 2 but for the energy counter, I choose set up 4


Why you make the Voters anonymous?


Why not?
I don’t think it matters.


Hmm…Actually,that’s a good choice.


Few times have I seen people with serious electric mechs …
First of all, good weight control.
Second, switch position of the scope with the night eagle (so people can’t see it)

I like Naga and LPV more than Arachimonde.
LPV’s still good against physics…


Physical Types (Heat Counter / Rounded) :

(even with 2.2k HP trust me, it’s pretty strong)

(amazingly powerful tonto version)

Energy Counters :

(res can be replaced with phys version if you like)

(res can be replaced with phys version)
(can be changed to 5 energy engines, but remove hook)

Rounded / Heat Counter (if you chose rounded for phys) :

(legs can be replaced with Charged Walkers)

(your rounded with at Setup 2 can also work)


How’s this look? (I have no energy L-M items)


Dude, do you see how much KG you have left?


Yes, I do. I can add a grappling claw or a charge module, but I don’t have any shoulder weapons that weigh 45 kg or less.


Thanks,Cyanine!That’s awesome!
Quite a lot to choose from.


I would say to mix things…
Keep Savagery but use DawnBlaze instead of Corrupt


Just got a VS!! How viable does this look now?


With that ultra bright, would you be needing that beam?

You could remove beam and use the spare KGs to get more HP through legs or get the remaining utils



Something like this perhaps?


Personally, I would go with that.

Maybe even change heat mod to cooler and change regen to engine


Huh? You mean make it:

EE - EE - EE - EE - HE - HMB - HMB - PP