General Thread - Build Help


What, You have a lot of regen, they energy break you, you regen, they energy break you again, repeat…


Yep, till i shoot my VS on thei face, end of game :slight_smile:


When does the Avenger Fortress become useless in rank?


Here is my rebuilt mech. What do u guys think I can improve on if anything?


Holy ****

Maybe the smurfs decided that it’s a good day to be out doing sports on their bicycles…

I don’t know. I don’t build counters.
I am kind-of "heat-proof"int my electric mech because it’s my best mech so far
But really I should be working on my physics, which is relatively anti-heat

I can screw 70% of those that managed to screw up my electric with his first bot (not necessarily weak one, because of * cough * smurfs * cough *) with my heat (freakin fragile, so basically just fry them from beginning to end)

And so I had taken down opponents with 400 more hit points than my bots.
I did get myself a bad throat these days … flu hit again?

Why upgrade torso when your weapon just becomes way more powerful when you upgrade your weapons?
I dunno. I had Savagery, Corrupt light, hysteria, malice beam, face shocker, spartan carnage, annihilator, blizzard dissolver, and two energy engines but I just got my naga to L today.


A stock L Malice beam + a stock L hysteria and you are dead, because a burning shower is NOT enough
At LEAST get regen up to 150, for the sake of energy mass boosters.
Your heat cap is unnecessarily high

Heat counter, huh?
Fair enough. It’ll do fine.

~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~

Someone before told me to remove the energy mods and rellace them with heat mods, so yeah. Its more of a boiler counter with the 48 heat resist and high heat cap.


Should I keep this thing? Or should I just treat this as useless junk?
I already have a Naga, so moving THIS to L class seems pointless.

UNLESS I want a hot-flash powered electric mech for my arsenal…

BTW this is my team…

My physic mech have another red wall behind the rollers… (it stick out, normally, but the frame just left that portion out)

The MB, Naga, and CL is legendary. (making no difference between legendary and epic is a good and a bad thing, obviously.)

Interceptor is because I can’t get myself a good physics torso for now…


Meanwhile …
Is anyone thinking the bot kits they sell is good?


Only this one is good.


It has this.


Which, is very strong and IMPORTANT in Raid.


Dam, 1900 tokens for a decent L-M weapon and food. Pretty steep price, but should be worth it in the raid tokens you achieve.


That Brutality is probably at best a gift…
It will fit my heat mech nicely, though.

Does it come with energy engine? I am sure it come with heat engine

But … how many prem pack can you buy with that amount of token?

Even though people cry about droprate …


My mech still runs on normal (C-R!!! Dual Energy Kit or whatever…)
However, energy ones are unimportant as I got 2 energy engine already.
I need a dozen (6 heat + 6 energy) mass boosters…
My heat mech’s heat is LAGGING behind ( a LOT) after half of its weapons step up a rarity, and often always lead to self-induced overheats
I need at least 2 heat engines (and yet I left volcanos aside)

I’ll keep that sikanda as one in my collection and feed others (to a power kit)
Since I maxed my sizzling rollers and had a dawnblaze already


Any reason at all to put an epic repulsor on instead of a rare? Does it have more knockback or anything?


It does a bit more damage, but at a greater heat cost. Don’t bother with the epic, it doesn’t increase knockback.


Alright, what does everybody think about this? Or: This?


Horrible hp, my phys mech would destroy you. Maybe add res if you’re not gonna have hp.


Let me rephrase, how can I make this stronger without platinum plates, l-m resistance mods, and a claw?


Low Energy, low HP, No Utilities, Low Res


Take off 2 engines, no need for so much heat, add a epic plate and idk if you have MPV but if you do, use a epic phys resistance and MPV.


I am beyond help I guess, lol. Oh well, I still have a lot of things to myth, I’ll keep collecting tokens from raid and the daily, maybe I’ll get lucky and something useful will drop. Highest I could get the resist is 40, that would be drained in one turn, and I cant get the hp higher without losing a lot of heating. Thanks for your answers.