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HeatPoint is still best heat drone


Wondering because I have 4 fireflys and no heatpoint


1 or 2? :thinking:


Can someone help me out with my mech? I know that it could use an improvement with energy and heat, but I’m not sure about the weapon selection.

If anyone says to put another heat top weapon on, just fyi I have only 3 heat top weps including Deso atm. The other two are the flam scope and vandal rage, so oof.


Lol I have 3 heatpoints. If only there was a trading system so I could give u one of mine in exchange for another deso or supreme cannon…


the energy modules are worthless. remove them and add heat mods.

i guess you are a damager so get supreme cannon and remove corupt light.

use devouring paws. the 2 push thing dynamite boots have isnt worth it. it deals less heat damage and is heavier than devouring paws. a heater shouldnt even be in close range so even more worthlessnes.but if you really need some range 0 push get flaming hammer.


Ah but what about phys huggers?
And about the supreme cannon, don’t have it cuz my boxes keep giving me shit…


unless you are talking about the double seraph blade ones,still, devouring paws is good.
if you are trying to counter those lil shits, add a hammer.
heaters shouldnt go against phys mechs unless they are counters and i see no sign of a phys counter in your mech.

wait for the supreme cannon. you will get it eventually.
i needed hysteria for an energy and i got it in 2 weeks.
you will get one.


Which class is the Avenger Fortress?


Avenger is a physical torso, my boy.


I know, what class is it?


It’s the dual annihilation and night eagle build.


You mean tier? it goes from epic to mythical :slight_smile:


Like the class from F to S++
The rating.



Not the transform range, the class of rating, read this.


I would say C, because it can deal much damage, but drain it and resist to all its damage, it becomes a punching bag for unlimited weapons use.


What would you rate Gorgon’s heater?


Highly dangerous, i fought it one time only, and Jesus, what stupid thing, but well, survive his abomination and stay in 1-3 range and you might survive it.


Would the Avenger Fortress be viable at rank 1?