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That’s actually a nice one. I doubt you would need energy modules. Three weapons that use no energy. That does the job.


Yeah, but you would get into pretty good trouble if your opponent have any sort of energy weapon, and happened to survive your heat bomb …
Drop 1 cooling mass booster for 1 energy mass booster. Your cooling will get waaay too high (400s?) if you do all myth them.

As I predicted, it is 427 without buffs. You’d be toying around with heat bombs, congrats.
Your energy, on the other end, is so wimpy. One ash creator and you are outta energy(for weapons, anyway). Or one valiant sniper. Consider the fact that the desolation have little overheat and magma blush is a one-use …
be careful with that setup, but your damage numbers might be quite high.

As of health, 1800s are a reasonable number. Not too bad.

I am a drainer/boiler. I only talk about maximum damage when doing my physics (which is rather weak)

Using a Nemo right now

Nemo’s fine on stats. Depends on situation you might even want to get a clash (for overheating), or that Heatpoint.


I have an energy module on there that you missed, but I would still fall to energy mechs. But honestly, could I really face down an energy with two valiants and a faceshocker without sacrificing my heat almost altogether? That would make me an electric counter, and I don’t want that. My physical will be for electrics when I start working on him. The heater is for missions and heaters/physicals


Clash, the flying skull, is more damage-oriented than Nemo…
Nemo/Murmur and Swoop are the “basic” boiling-oriented drones ^^


remove the energy mods and stick on heat mods.
even if you myth the energy mods and use them,it would utterly fail against energy mechs.
you dont need that much cooling. 2 plates, 4 heat mods and 2 cooling boosters should do the job.

before you myth anything myth the legs.

get more range 2 coverage like terrorcry. magma is 1 use. terror is 3 uses. so you can knock those phys mechs away 4 times. you know which ones im talking about.

these are just my opinions.


Works good to drain physicals? anti-heat btw.


I guess it’ll work…


Ironically, quite similar to my Anti-Energy / Heat


youll probably lose 60-70% of your phys matchups with this


Do i need the max protector to it be useful against physical too?


Probably a good idea.


To tell the truth not so much, since blood drain 30 of res each shot :wink:


I think i might need to test it a bit.


It is Anti-Heat though.


No res and i don’t have mighty cannon, and bloodweep drain 30 each of its 3 shot.


You have all the parts, I can help with testing if you want


Sure, just let me finish my main and start work on it :joy:


a mighty protecc since you have the ultrahot already


Yeah, but i need the mighty :sweat_smile:


Is firefly of any use?