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I would like the higher mobility as I don’t have Rolling Beasts.
Aside from that I used sparked Runners due to their low weight.

Edit: Heat weapons are heavy after all… :sob:


Should I replace my energy legs on my energy mech for a claw or should i replace my physical legs on my physical mech for a claw?

The current physical legs are Rolling Beasts.
The current energy legs are Lightning Supporters.

My physical mech is more of a energy counterbuild, and my energy mech is a heat counterbuild and sometimes physical counterbuild.

I don’t usually move when using the energy mech more than I do in the physical one, but I feel like the claw will synergize better on the phys. Which mech do yall think I should put this claw on


i need help with my build/s
like how could i improve them:

main mech (i use it second)
Screenshot (18)

other mech (i use it first, also changed the modules)
Screenshot (19)
Screenshot (20)


upgrade your modules more, and you might wanna focus on one element type per mech


All you mechs could use more energy,or energy free weapons.(if you are lucky enough to get them without paying)
Like trophy said, try only one type in a build.

Also noticed that you don’t have good module s(no heat or energy engines)
Once you have maxed your torso and legs(or almost maxed), go for a few weapons while also concentrating on the modules.



Ima need some other energy pros out there lol

Which one do i use then?

  • High Energy - Medium Regen
  • Medium Energy - High Regen

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Why not the third option: Do not use this crap! Fuse away all now!
I hate your stats and I hate your claws… Get lost. Now.


Wow savage


Little did you know @Mordulec , i have 2 claws :wink:


it’s because i dont have any other heat weapons for my 2nd mech… i need a CL and probably at least a heat bomb or epic flame thrower/ terror cry for the boiler build i want… also so far this half and half combo has somehow managed to make me win without loosing a mech for 3 fights in a row against energy builds


i dont have any other energy free weapons… that deso and VR are the only energy free weapons i have… and the only mythable modules i have are 3 energy engines, 1 cooling booster and 2 regen boosters… i only use 1 cause the other one is not any stronger than the one you see and it’s in my 3rd non used secret mech… it’s super secret


I just started a third mech, an energy, that is meant to counter physical and energy, and not deal with heat. Not everything is maxed, but here it is: I would appreciate any tips for it.

Utilities are teleport and faceshocker.


Jesus christ cant you read? I said its not meant for heat, only energy and physical! Dont reply to me anymore here, I cant take it anymore…


Did I not say dont reply to me?


I’d say swap Naga for Avenger. An engine can take place of a plate (that is if you have one) to create a solid energy counter while gaining more hp.

The arena buffs should prevent you from overheats unless battles are unusually long or you’re using Flaminator (why would you even?).


Thanks for the tips. When I get an avenger Ill switch them around :slight_smile:


I agree with nemesis 9 there…
but dont concentrate too much on energy.
what most people think is that “i have 1 mech with 550/214, i can easy switch whenever i want to”

But waht a clever opponent would do is make 1st mech with decent energy.he allows you to drain him.
Jut when you are about to reach mac heat cap, switches, and uses heat bomb.
BOOM, no chance for you from that turn.

But i gotta admit, such a thing is higly unlikely to happen.
by the way, mech stats when maxed is (roughly,all from memory)
1600 hp
800 energy
350 regen
200 heat
60-70 cooling
22phy,22exp,16el resists
so i would recomend switching out 1 or 2 energy engines for heat engines, if using naga.
if using avenger, be very careful about order of mechs, and no heat engines.



Hi broh, from what I am reading, you are going for the right track. Building counters for all possible scenarios. HOWEVER, this very solution (counter to physical AND energy) is contradictory in itself. As far as electricians are concerned, you are able to build an all-rounder (reasonably good against all three types, but fails against dedicated counters) and the following counters:

  1. Energy and heat counter (which has some awesome heat and energy stats, at the huge cost of HP). For this you will surely need some mythical resistance kits.
  2. Heat and physical counter - you will need a lot of heat cap, a lot of HP (with preferably a physical res mod, at least the epic one). This build will be a low energy cap one, and you have to calculate your energy consumption, as anything in the region of 200 energy means a risk you drain yourself.
    BUT SURELY NO ONE IS ABLE TO BUILD A PHYSICAL AND ENERGY COUNTER. For this you need to pack at least 800 energy, plus AT LEAST 1800-2000 HP WITH A PHYSICAL RESISTANCE MOD. That contradicts the weight limit you have at your disposal. Also, if you think about countering energies, I guess you have no other option than Grim Reaper. My energy counter features Grim + 4 energy engines, packing 800 energy and 300 regen. And this is still not the full potential. But I NEVER FIELD THIS MECH AGAINST PHYSICALS OR HEATERS, because it will simply fail due to low HP and heat cap.


Im using an avenger with 3 plates and 5 energy engines for my anti physical/energy.


Why would I use heat engines?