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978 + 9 = 987

987 + 20 = 1007

No room


Why 2 charge engine duh


I just realized that too… whoops


You have a blind spot at range 3… because after nf you isnt have weapon to shoot, so mighy looks here not so good… better change it on ne, for good roudner need atleast 3 energy engine (better 4) , just something like it, if not enough heat for you, then just swap 1 hp plate on heat engine

p.s. if you find maximum protector you can make one of the best meta build for now


Where would I get a maximum protector?? All I got are these useless supercharge versions.

Range 3 may be a problem, but mighty Cannon just does so much more damage than NE.

  1. I just mean IF you find max protector ( that not my problem that you get only supercharge protector)

  2. Yea mighty make more damage then ne, but 0 sinergy on range 3 make its so stupid… peoples just gonna abuse it and you gonna lose half of potential dmg.


I’m just gonna stick with mighty. I have enough items I need to upgrade, I’ll do NE later since it’s least important.


Fair enough, but expect to have that weakness exploited. Range weaknesses are my favorite to use against opponents and usually mean an easy win.


Now I know I need to get rid of the flaminator, I will as soon as something betters pops up. But tell me, is this really such a horrible build that I belong in rank 15? It seems that I am the only one out there who hasnt mythed at least one full mech. I’ve been working on this for over a month now, and I still cant even break rank 10 without a lot of luck. And I had 6 years experience and 40 mythicals worth of power kits to work with. What am I doing wrong?


Well wtf, now I’m rank 8. What is wrong with the arena today? This is my highest rank since reload. How can I go from a 10 loss streak to a 21 win streak?




Sheer freaking luck, first really bad, then it got really good


myth devouring paws for hp
can you show modules?


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How does this build look? Obviously it needs some serious upgrading, but besides that. I have heat bomb and corrupt light to screw with low heat mechs, desolation for energy mechs and for damage, and magma blast and mayhem battery that can both help with boiling or with sheer damage. Using nemo right now, waiting for a heatpoint or whatever the drone that drops cooling is called. Any further Ideas?


Not bad at all. It’s health is low but you’re kinda stuck with that.