General Thread - Build Help


I think I went over with the scope though. Just put them there to fill the space.


With that cooling and that regen, you gonna be VS+EMP food or HEATBOMB food, your choice really :slight_smile:
Not to tell about not having any res at all :slight_smile:


That’s if I ever get to build that. :wink: I don’t have any of those items except 1 Bunker Shell.


dude thats a termination build right there.


i wouldnt call it that.
nothing to knock people out of range 1 to use the nightfall+annihilation combo
frantic brutes are pretty risky
its a phys counter but has cooling and energy boosters
works for low ranks,not so well in top ranks.


@cyanine can you help me? I just got one E.S.U. and i wanna put it on this guy, help me please.


That’s pretty much it.

Although, might have some problems from energies


On my physical it could useful? he’s more to anti-heat than energy, and this one here is supposed to be-antienergy and a bit of heat.


Cyanine should get a Title, Build Helper


On your side, Phys should stay like that and Energy too.

On my case I would reverse it lmao

But wait for me, going to need the help of Workshop to make it clearer


I was extra lucky today and got myself lighting supporters.
Which one?

And yes, got myself a good-looking hysteria.

The achievement gave me…

P.S.: Which one should I upgrade next? Savagery or Corrupt Light?
And does the Epic Corrupt Light visually different from the Legendary Corrupt Light?


Your rendition (F2P) :

(original pic with LPV)


(for more energy)

My renditions :


Your rendition gave up a charge module…
It’s a decent setup, although with only one top weapon for range beyond 2…
Why the sniper? Bring along another grim cobra. (am I right? I don’t use that so IDK the name)


It works good?


heat counter huh?
then claw wont do.
most heaters use 3 magmas and a burning shower
so up your cooling a bit by removing one energy engine and adding a booster and change to irony boots.


Yeah, and i gonna work with low hp? yeah sure…
I’m not a heater, i’m anti heat man, you know counter?


Would this setup work? Includes a legacy 9kg charge.

Any suggestions/advice?
I also have an Archimonde.


Maybe replace a Plate for a Saviour Resistance Mod?


Don’t have the weight. This build includes a 9kg legacy charge that’s not in WU.


But the weight is 978kg
It can have a 20kg charge
Why legacy?

Meanwhile, farming BigBoy for the stuff is anything BUT good.
Cry about droprate…
I’d really want s aniliation OR nightfall OR heat engine.
Basically anything that can go above Epic.
I had good stuff (FS,SC,SR,FGH) from the box though…
NOT the repulser…