General Thread - Build Help


hmmmmm maybe a corrupt light instead of a heat bomb thingy.
but get it to legendary state and close to max.
and maybe a savagery that heat beam top weapon change it out with that thing i forgot its name but that missile launcher.
thats if you want a complete heater mech/boiler
damage i can help with that too.


Ah, I wish I had a savagery, but all I get from prem boxes are hysterias and reckless beams :expressionless:
About the corrupt light, I would want to use it, but I find heat bomb very useful for giving me extra turns. Also, it allows me to counter pesky energy mechs, while corrupt light needs energy to fire.


then no desolation and switch with corrupt light


Do u think something like this will work?


yep that looks great try it out see if you like it


currently working on a build. is this good?


why do you have more cooling than heat? remove one of the cooling boosters and replace it with something usefull


its my mech as of now. im trying to gather all the parts.


and i have 300+ heat with 160 cooling what are you talking about


no, the completed one has 428 heat and 317 cooling. cool down twice and its 634, thats more than enough, switch it with something useful


with alot of heat mechs running rampant with heat bombs and magmas?
including my own


then increase ur heat


what good is heat capacity if theres trash cooldown?


your cool down is good just instead of colling do heat engine


same thing but better heat little bit less colling but almost no difference


The new build is pretty good, but I feel that without resistance drain, its kind of weak against people with decent cooling who can neglect the corrupt light and hybrid heat cannon. The damage from the corrupt light is pretty bad and without the desolation, my hybrid heat cannon isn’t rolling in the high 170s anymore. Otherwise, its great for shutting down people with bad cooling and heat cap, but the thing is, I don’t fight many of those guys. Everyone at my rank seems to have at least 170 cooling, so that kind of sucks.


That’s very risky, what if those Frantic Brutes do little damage?


Too many weapons,



If I had every item for this build…

This be the energy, I would build.


for Titan, why not…