General Thread - Build Help


Clash actually benefit from Heron’s resistance drain, every of your weapons benefits from Clash’s resistance drain (and Clash is damage-focused, so…you won’t prob lose too much damage over the long run, not to say the aditional heat damage)


use heat point

also there needs to be an abomination somewhere


Remove 1 Malice Beam and replace it with last words.

While removing Seraph and putting an EMP.




i just got zarc and claw from campain so is this a good phys mech?


Why are you using that drone?
(Can someone help him,pls?)


how do you know the damage when the pic of the drone takes up the stats? image





Use this workshop. it works better.


You really have one pp?


Go for it.


what does pp mean?


Platinum Plating, of course.


dudu why tonto… with seraph+ani he gonna stay range 1


what about this?

now everyone does one damage lol


True, forgout about it… let me redo it.


@leosteelo1 now go, better now @ArmaKaiser?


@DuduSantos what about this?


You gonna combo what with what? you have range 1-2, 2-4 and thats all, hence i put the backstabber to put you close and the night eagle :slight_smile:


Replace Nightfall with Night Eagle and sure, it is good.