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It’s a maxed myth, like everything else except charge


oh just checking makeing sure like winz said it looks good what rank you


I guess it needs some mercy… a mercy would help a lot


A Mercy would come with even more weight issues.
I’d say to leave it as it is.
Instead,just do Anni+Stomp at range 1.


take out one epic plate, replace it with an energy engine. take out the mass regen and replace that with a energy engine


should i do double UB


Mate im sad you didnt come to me on this. Drop one plate, the night eagle, replace the 2 boosters by their respective engines, add one energy engine. Youre good to go…


choice of weapons for a mass heater i have dual corrupt lights and repulser (im happy with those weapons so far) and for top weapons i can choose from vandal rage, savagery and desolatiom. i could also build a supreme cannon. so what weapons shall i use.
also some people say use a terror cry insted of repulser and take of one corrupt light and use cl and savagery.
and also a damage heater is better then mass heater but what side weapons do i need for it and are the weapons easy to get. i know that the heater version of bunker shell is needed but is there anything else i could use


May I know what torso that is?


zark torso i have 3 energy engines 1 heat and 1 cooling


Which set up is beter ? I curently using 1
Choice 1

Choice 2


Well you need a range weapon,but i think that night eagle will be more usefull


Typicall classic phys build. Option 3: night eagle, nightfall and anni


Okey sou time to farm to make mytical night eagel ^^ Thx for help


It’s Redeemer, an epic-to-legend torso





Ahh… okay…
used it as leg food


I’ve got a question:

Could someone help me creating an energy-free or better said heat mech with low energy comsumption?

I always get lots of heat engines but I severely lack energy engines.
So I thought of building a heat mech with low energy demand for my third mech in the future.
But whenever I try to come up with such a mech I always hit the weight-wall.
Hence all my attempts would end with something like this:

Btw. just as a note in advance: I do not have Crimson Rupture.
So any suggestions what would work better?

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